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Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Professional Closed-Back Studio Headphones $90 w/FS

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12/2/13 7:33 PM
Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Professional Closed-Back Studio Headphones with Straight Cable

  • Exceptional audio quality for pro monitoring & mixing
  • 45mm large-aperture Neodymium Drivers
  • Closed-back cushioned earcup & Adjustable padded headband
12/2/13 7:33 PM
12/2/13 7:39 PM
They also have the coiled cable version for $1 more.
12/2/13 7:46 PM
Best headphones you can buy (non-noise canceling before you say this). And lol at the $299 "MSRP." Nope.

MKBHD loves them and highly recommends them over beats, etc.

The cable is loooong, so I'd get the coiled one for $1 more.
12/2/13 8:29 PM
12/2/13 8:55 PM
With the AMEX Sync $25 off $75 at Amazon, this comes out to $75 for the black pair and $95 for the white pair.
12/3/13 1:01 AM
Got one. I also wanted something else on the site for $12 and I used the code DIG5 to get $5 off $100. Great reviews all over the internet for this headphone set. I will modify my wife's iphone 5 OtterBox case to accommodate the large headphone jack, before she opens the gift on christmas.
12/3/13 1:12 AM
This deal beats Amazon's Black Friday and Cyber Monday lightning deal on the M50's coiled variant by $8.99(at $99.99). Current Amazon price for this variant is $102.00.
12/3/13 8:51 AM
The straight cable is long at 3.5m. But isn't the coiled one long too? I plan on using these for travel and was thinking of getting the straight ones and wrapping them up with ties.
12/3/13 10:45 AM
The coiled one is better for travel. While it may stretch pretty long, coiled up it is not. A thick quality straight cable does not wrap easily like typical ear-bud cables.
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