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GUNS: Remington 22lr Viper 100 rounds $6.99 Free Shipping Cableas

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12/3/13 12:26 PM
.22 ammo is impossible to find in my area.†
12/3/13 12:39 PM
saludamc said:   


Why pay .07 cents a bullet? Are these that much better than the bulk pack 525 .22 ammo that is only .04 cents at Academy?

Great - not sold online - in stores only and all stores are south of Kentucky and Virginia that's a 27 hour round trip from here.

Who's gonna pay for my time and gas so I can keep the 4 cent price point alive?
12/3/13 12:46 PM
Sounds like a great reason to come south for a nice hunting trip and an opportunity to stock up on ammo and some good hospitality!†
12/3/13 12:48 PM
cerumens said:   

Will duplicate orders be cancelled by any chance? It says one per customer per day. I didn't see that and placed a couple orders....

† Back when they had a deal on the 525 boxes I order 4 and receieved all 4. They arrived on two separate days, but I received all four boxes. Just keep ordering one box at a time and let them figure it out...
12/3/13 12:57 PM
saludamc said:   

Sounds like a great reason to come south for a nice hunting trip and an opportunity to stock up on ammo and some good hospitality!†

How gracious of you.

What are we hunting? Are you sure you have enough room for the kids and how fast is your WiFi?
12/3/13 1:05 PM
jakejames6 said:   

Cabelas will cancel the "more than 1 box" orders. I have tested them on multiple occasions and failed. They will only let you get one box when the item page clearly says one box.

† Not true. †I have ordered this exact ammo several times before. †Twice on the same day, despite the "1 box per day" warning on the site. I placed two orders, each for 1 box, on 8/14 and both orders went through just fine. †($6.99 + 6% MI sales tax = $7.41) †
I have a local Cabelas, so I always place my orders with free store pickup. †I waited about an hour before placing the second order.

OrderNumber OrderDate OrderTotal OrderStatus †
2182779830 †8/14/2013 † $7.41 †Shipped †
2182777430 †8/14/2013 † $7.41 †Shipped †
12/3/13 1:12 PM
Deer season right now, but not likely to kill much very many with .22 ammo. My preference is dove and quail with a shotgun. In the off season we have some great sporting clay courses that I am sure you would enjoy. Kids are welcome, Need to educate all youth on how to safely use a gun. No need for wifi, too much fun to be had outside with your gun.
12/3/13 1:20 PM
In for one, thanks!
12/3/13 1:26 PM
YAHOOOO! Thanks, OP!
12/3/13 1:38 PM
Thanks OP.

In for one; amazed they were still in stock.

Academy sounds like a good thing...just need them to keep moving north and west.
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