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Back in stock @ BJs.com Asus Transformer T100ta 64GB 299.99 - online only

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12/3/13 7:17 PM
Good Deal!
12/3/13 10:23 PM
Ordered one this morning, thanks.  Exactly what my wife wanted for Christmas.  Not bad for $315
12/4/13 8:48 AM
I am pissed off. I ordered this from BJs yesterday morning, they charged my credit card, then I get an e-mail today stating that they are sorry for the inconvenience but it is out of stock. I've been stalking this $300 price for about a week and keep getting burned.
12/4/13 9:56 AM
I just got a cancellation notice as well, very pissed off!
12/4/13 10:04 AM
Just got my cancellation as well.  This sucks.
12/4/13 10:14 AM
Same. Cancelled. Pissed off now. This sucks.
12/4/13 11:31 AM
GOOD NEWS! Newegg has it "in stock" for $374, and if you use promo code PANDORA1213 you get an additional $25 off, so $349 and no sales tax charged (i am in NY) and free shipping. Just picked one up for final price of $349. Good luck!

EDIT - this is also the 64 GB version.  product link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834231359
12/4/13 1:38 PM
Not a bad deal, thanks Mreid. Don't forget 1% FW CB for another $3.49 off

Just noticed this device only has 1366 x 768 resolution, which is almost a dealbreaker for me. I really need at least 1680 or ideally 1920...
12/4/13 2:38 PM
Just ordered and gift wrapped from Newegg. Thanks!!
12/4/13 3:26 PM
OOS on Newegg. Dang it! I keep barely missing them. Except I didn't for BJs...still fuming.
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