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Back in stock @ BJs.com Asus Transformer T100ta 64GB 299.99 - online only

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12/4/13 3:51 PM
smallz said:   

OOS on Newegg. Dang it! I keep barely missing them. Except I didn't for BJs...still fuming.

No, you didn't barely miss it. You missed it by a whopping 30 minutes, at least. Back around 2:54 pm or so, I had the page up showing in-stock, and came back FW link to make sure I got the mere $3.49 Cash Back... then, it was OOS...
12/4/13 3:52 PM
yep i am just waiting for the post-order Newegg OOS e-mail myself. so far so good. ill keep updating...

EDIT - just shipped
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