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MSI Primo 73 Android 4.2 Tablet 7.0" Touchscreen Dual-core CPU1GB RAM 16GB Flash $79AR FS @ NEWEGG

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12/21/13 4:58 PM
12/21/13 6:17 PM
Anyone have any thoughts about this tablet?
12/21/13 6:28 PM
yeah. POS!
12/22/13 2:50 AM
There are some up points (16 gigs of built in storage, mini hdmi, cameras that are at least good for Skype) but performance is that of phones 3 years ago (Samsung s2). Not a hot deal, you get what you pay for.
12/22/13 7:16 AM
Thanks OP!
12/22/13 10:36 PM
It's an allwinner a20 processor, which was released in Dec 2012, so one year old second-tier technology. BUT, it's amazing what the second tier chip manufacturers are doing...I bought my daughter a dual core MTK6589 chipset phone, and it performs wonderfully. A lot of the cheap tablets out there only have 512MB of RAM, which is what really kills their performance. This does have 1GB, which means it will probably perform pretty well for the price. Don't have one though, so just giving my best guess.
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