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Himalyan Salt Lamp 2-4 Lbs. - 2 Pack $38.99 w/FS @ Tanga

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12/22/13 2:21 AM

As Himalayan salt lamp warms up with the light bulb it emits negative ions into the air. Negative ions cause harmful air particles to clump together and fall to the ground. This process may help relieve symptoms of Asthma, Sinusitis and common allergies.

In addition to these health benefits, this salt lamp makes a very unique, healthy and beautiful gift. Every piece is distinctly hand carved to retain unique natural look and beauty of salt crystals, so no two salt lamps are alike.
Himalyan Salt Lamp [ image/jpeg - 26.39kB ]
12/22/13 2:54 AM
Are these the stones from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? KA-LI MA!
12/22/13 3:04 AM
Walgreen's' is selling a 7" high one for $14.99, which was on sale for $9.99 last week. Haven't looked at this weeks ad. May be included in Christmas clearance, as it is kept in the Christmas aisle at my local store.
12/22/13 10:46 PM
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