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Lenovo Yoga 8 16GB Tablet - $199.99

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3/10/14 4:16 PM
Best Buy has the Lenovo Yoga 8 16GB Tablet†for $199.99 with free shipping.

  • MTK MT8125 Quad-core Processor, 1.20GHz
  • 8" 10-point multitouch display with 1024 x 600 resolution
  • 16GB Flash Storage
  • Magnesium-alloy roll-cage internal frame
  • Android 4.2
Lenovo Yoga Tablet [ image/jpeg - 23.42kB ]
3/10/14 4:16 PM
Lenovo Yoga 8 16GB Tablet [ image/jpeg - 23.42kB ]
3/10/14 5:15 PM
Description on Best Buy says the screen resolution is 1024x600.
3/10/14 5:20 PM
Thanks, I changed the OP.
3/10/14 7:07 PM
I am considering buying one, never owned any Lenovo before. good price. Thanks
3/10/14 7:49 PM
I was thinking about purchasing this a few weeks ago but reading reviews changed my mind....

Review 1

Review 2
3/11/14 12:41 AM
The Lenovo Miix 2 for the same price is a better deal IMO.
3/11/14 7:29 AM
Informant said:   

The Lenovo Miix 2 for the same price is a better deal IMO.

Much faster CPU, and while it's currently limited to Windows 8.1, that won't be a problem for much longer.

I would go with Miix 2 myself. Yoga 8's only claim to fame is its built-in kickstand. Other than that, there are much better tablets that will get better Android OS support for the same price. Lenovo's history with Android updates has been lackluster.
3/11/14 7:59 AM
Even knowing the display isn't incredible and the power is underwhelming, I considered this for the longest time simply because that battery bay in the side of it that forms the stand is a great handle if you're primarily using it in portrait mode. In the end, I went with the new Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 and, while I like it, I can't stand what I paid for it and the handle would be so helpful for using it as an eReader.

One serious positive this has is battery life, thanks to that handhold -- supposedly 18 hours of use and found multiple reviews saying the thing only used like 2-3% per day if not in use.
3/11/14 9:12 AM
Lenovo just announced a new lineup of tablets with higher resolutions and more powerful specs. I'm going to wait until April for the Yoga 10 HD+. 4xcore with opt keyboard and high res @$349 before discounts.
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