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3M Fuel System Tune-Up Kit (08963) - $11.43 AR FS @ Amazon

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5/15/14 2:41 PM
The 3M Automotive Fuel System Tune-Up Kit is on sale at Amazon for $36.98 - $10.00 "Clip the Coupon" - 5% Subscribe & Save - $10.00 mail-in rebate = $11.43 w/ free shipping.

Note: You must Subscribe & Save in order to get the free shipping and the discounted price. You can cancel any time after your order ships.


Received 4.1/5 stars based on 164 customer reviews.
3M 08963 Fuel System Tune-Up Kit [ image/jpeg - 11.46kB ]
5/15/14 2:41 PM
5/15/14 3:17 PM
Be advised that most of automobile manufacturers against this type of intake and fuel system cleaner, check your owner's manual first
5/15/14 3:23 PM
I did this with seafoam on my old volvo and noticed a big difference. Liquid in the oil filler and gas tank then used the aerosol seafoam in the vacuum tree. After a few days of normal driving I dropped the oil and changed the fuel filter. Hydrolocking can be an issue when sucking it into the engine but just go slow and youll be fine. The aerosol makes it nearly foolproof. Lots of people just suck up liquid seafoam//carbcleaener which is fine its just easier to hydrolock.
5/15/14 3:57 PM
It's just much easier just to throw a bottle of Techron into the tank every month or two.
5/15/14 4:54 PM
Good deal, but just FYI, the price is normally just under $37...
5/15/14 5:22 PM
GreenTrash said:   

It's just much easier just to throw a bottle of Techron into the tank every month or two.

It's even easier to not do anything. The question is if it works as well. I don't know, and I'm guessing you may not either.
5/15/14 5:28 PM
I did the intake cleaner on my wife's 2007 jeep commander and it worked great.
5/15/14 6:52 PM
Fuel addictive is a waste of money if you have a newer car and it has direct injection.
5/15/14 8:04 PM
Rebate form on Amazon's website is old - Valid for purchases from 11/1/2013 to 12/31/2013 Please check if there's a new rebate form or if Amazon is still displaying an expired promotion
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