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2010 Keybank promotion-free ipod touch for checking account

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5/1/10 4:09 AM
Here is the 2011 promotion:


Note most of the thread below is about the 2010 promotion.

Here is a thread about the 2011 promotion:

5/1/10 4:09 AM
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5/1/10 8:24 AM
sweet. And I'm finally back in one of the states that have Key Banks. Thanks OP.
5/1/10 8:46 AM
Answers to many of your questions about qualifying for a Keybank promo can be found here:

Past Keybank promo

Past keybank promos have only been avaible in these states: AK, CO, CT, ID, IN, KY, ME, MI, NY, OH, OR, UT, VT, or WA.

Thanks to qiyao0604, Keybank has now added FAQ Link

The offer is not available in all areas. Individuals and businesses will only be eligible in the following districts: Cleveland, Eastern OH, Idaho, Western NY, Oregon, Seattle Cascades, South Puget Sound, Central NY, Rochester, Maine, Northwest OH, Michigan, and Capital Region NY.
5/1/10 9:18 AM
Followed the link most of the way through and when submitting get the following error message - The Offer Code entered does not match the account type selected.

Picked the checking acct and debit card as specified in OP. Anyone else have this problem?
5/1/10 9:49 AM
The value of the iPod touch« will be reported on Form 1099-INT
If you close your account within 180 days of account opening, you will be charged a $25 account early closure fee
5/1/10 10:07 AM
I have a Keybank Business checking account. Am I eligible for this offer because it's a personal account? i called keybank and they said i would be eligible, so just hoping for anyone else's advice to be safe

this isn't working for me. when i go the page to enter my funding info and offer code which is preentered, it says the offer code is invalid with the account i'm opening. i had to open over the phone
5/1/10 10:54 AM
Damnit, I forgot to close my account from last year's promo.
5/1/10 12:53 PM
What size of IPOD touch? By the way. Be careful with keybank. They will nickle and dime you. Follow their rules exactly. I did a GPS deal with them and got the 1099. I lost the "value" of the gps on my tax return. Not worth it in my mind.
5/1/10 12:59 PM
how much did you pay in ur 1099?
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