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PenFed new account number issued - no clear explanation why

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12/23/10 1:59 PM
willieroe said:   

djmadfx said:   

I received an email too. It would be nice to receive a CLI for the "hassle".

As did I. I wonder if free credit monitoring will be offered?

I was hoping that ONLY the numbers were compromised and NOT all of our information.
12/26/10 2:10 PM
I got same message on 12/23 and saw the new card added in my account same day.
12/26/10 3:11 PM
Same, but I was still able to use my old card without issue... It'd be more of a problem if they cut the old card off without telling me..
12/26/10 3:12 PM
Got it also, must have been a fairly big breach.
12/26/10 3:51 PM
I am geeting a new AMEX but not Visa. Old cards will be active until Jan 31 according to the email I received. My new account is already showing up online.
12/26/10 4:06 PM
It IS kinda strange. I know someone with two cash rewards cards and they are both being changed (shows online he has 4 cards at the moment)
I, however, have not received the email or additional account online.
12/26/10 4:23 PM
Got the notice for two of my penfed cards including one that's only a month old

There must gave been some massive data breach... Imagine the costs to send out Millons of new cards and letters
12/31/10 6:26 PM
What a pain in the *ss! Just found out today online an hour before going out for New Year's eve.

A potential problem for me (it may also possibly impact others here) was that I need to have over $650 in charges on my new Penfed AMEX before mid-January to get my 20K miles. I was a little lower than I thought - I had around $1,000 in charges - but now thanks to this mess it is split between 2 AMEX card numbers, neither one of which ALONE has over $600! Called and am having them send a letter (not just the generic BS form letter), that confirms I charged over the limit and got the miles.

I had a lot of respect for PenFed previously - now they're in the "wait and see" category.

EDIT - OK, now I see the email from them from a couple days ago. Still a pain in the *ss - I'd vowed to NOT check most email during vacation!

Also, I noticed that someone above posted that his (fairly new) Penfed VISA was included in the reissue - FYI, my much older one was not. Wonder whether the breach only involves fairly recently-issued cards?
1/1/11 1:15 AM
my Visa was issued in March-ish. It was not affected.
1/1/11 1:31 AM
I had a bunch of fraudulent transactions post to my PF Visa about couple months ago; all relatively small amounts <$100 total. Indeed, I came to know about it when the fraud prevention dept. called me about a charge which I obviously did not authorize; that charge was blocked in time by PF. That is when I noticed that a few unauthorized transactions had already posted. Anyway, they were all taken care of by PF and a new card was issued some weeks ago. And now THAT is being replaced by another one; have not received the physical card though.
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