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Auto-AMEX CLI online - they may be back!

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1/28/11 11:16 AM
I apologize if this is common knowledge and/or this topic has already been extensively discussed; I did a quick topic search for CLI and didn't see anything recent.

I remember the glory days when AMEX gave out CLIs online like candy. I had all my cards increased, and life was good. After the crash and crunch, AMEX rolled back my limits significantly. I remember frequently checking the account options online and the "Request CLI increase" button was not there (if I recall correctly).

Today, I logged back in to try to find the phone number to request a CLI manually. Lo and behold, harkening back to the glory days, the button was back. For fear of getting the "We'll mail you in 5 days with the results", I requested a modest increase (less than 2x my current limit). I was auto-approved. Is this new news or old news??

I hope this helps somebody..if not, mods feel free to delete.

Bump with an update:

The option to reallocate among 2 cards is now there too; it's just kind of buried. After logging in to your Summary of Accounts, click on "Recent Activity" for any card. At the bottom, there is an option for "Transfer Available Credit to Another Card".
1/28/11 11:16 AM
Old Limit: 4200
Requested: 8000
Auto-approved on 1/28

Card: Blue Cash
Old Limit: 1500
Requested: 5000
Auto-approved for 4500 on 1/29

Old Limit: 2000
Requested: 4000
Auto-approved on 1/29

Card: Clear
Old Limit: 4200
Requested: 10000
Auto-approved on 2/15

Card: Blue Cash
Old limit: 10000
Requested: 15000
auto-approved on 3/25

Card: Costco
Old Limit: 11000
Requested: 19000
auto-approved 4/2

Card: Costco
Old Limit: 17700
Requested: 25000
auto-approved 7/12

Card: Blue
Old Limit: 5000
Requested: 15000
auto-approved 10/9
1/28/11 11:17 AM
1/28/11 11:40 AM
stay under 25000 my friend and you should be okay.
1/28/11 11:44 AM
Thanks for the heads up!
1/28/11 11:48 AM
Doesn't appear to be back for me. Where are you looking?
1/28/11 11:55 AM
Just got dreaded 7-10 day letter response requesting 4k more. Anyone want to clarify what likely outcome of something like this is?
1/28/11 1:18 PM
Sorry to hear that - to answer your question, I've only had 2-3 times where I got the "7-10 days" letter, but those have always been rejected, for me.
1/28/11 1:20 PM
HKnight said:   

Doesn't appear to be back for me. Where are you looking?

I went to "Profile & Account Management" and "Account Management". Under Credit Management, one of the options is "Increase your Line of Credit."

Anybody else have any luck? I'm about to try with another one of my AMEX cards.
1/28/11 1:30 PM
I had one success, haven't tried my 2nd. Let me know how it goes?
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