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Switch to KeyBank online and get a free Ipod Touch

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5/11/11 10:55 AM
per month = every 30/31 days or is it May/June/July?
5/11/11 11:28 AM
Anyone know the specs on the iPod? Camera/WiFi?
5/11/11 12:07 PM
Just answered my own question. It took four tries before I was connected with a Key rep who even knew anything about the promotion. Based on her information it is 8gb, 4th generation.
5/11/11 12:11 PM
collegerunner said:   

per month = every 30/31 days or is it May/June/July?

From QS:
One month is calculated as 31 calendar days from account opening date (three months equals 93 calendar days from account opening date).
5/11/11 12:16 PM
Of the 5 types of qualifying checking accounts, the Key Express Checking is the only one that can avoid paying a monthly maintenance fee with, Make at least $500 in deposits or initiate five transactions per statement cycle†. So after committing 93 days to meet the promotion requirements, one has to still maintain the account from 94-180 days to avoid the early account closure fee ($25).

The next level checking account has a $10 monthly maintenance fee. The three other tiers require $10k/25/100k minimum balance.

I'm thinking about getting in on this deal to get another iPod. I didn't do the last Key bank deal but the Bank of the West one sure was much easier.
5/11/11 12:48 PM
I just applied. I didn't do any of the previous Touch deals because they were the crappy 2G/3G versions. These should be 4G. It's a pain to have to remember to do 10 purchases, but I will be doing 10 $1.01 TimeWarner cable payments.
5/11/11 1:02 PM
1099 for $295 ?
5/11/11 1:26 PM
Website does say $295 but a Key Bank rep told me that the 1099 would be for $205.
5/11/11 1:36 PM
Looks like NYC is excluded
5/11/11 2:30 PM
no luck if you're in GA or FL
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