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New priceline visa - with 2% rewards on purchases / 5% rewards on "Name your own price"

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9/18/11 9:35 PM
[edited 5/29/2013]

[!!This offer appears to be dead for new applicants. See comments later in the thread!!]

Priceline 2% rewards card. Details:
- Earn 5 points (5%) per dollar spent on "name your own price" Priceline purchases (regular Priceline (non-NYOP) purchases only 2 points)
- Earn 2 points (2%) per dollar spent everywhere else
- 5000 point ($50.00) signup bonus
- $60 Priceline bonus cash coupon towards name-your-own-price hotel (restrictions: max $12/day (5 day booking to get $60), minimum 3* hotel, expiry date of 12/31. This is apparently awarded after first Priceline purchase with the card)
- 1 point per $1 for balance transfers in the first month (up to 2500) (But seems there is a 3% BT fee which kills this to me)
- Points post as soon as purchases post (don't have to wait until statement close)
- Awards apply as statement credit, minimum 2500 to redeem. Must use to completely pay off a particular charge >$25.00. Can use as soon as have sufficient point balance.
- no annual fee
- Underwritten by Barclays bank delaware
- Points expire after 4 years if not used
Terms and conditions: https://www.juniper.com/app/japply/lp/TnCs.jsp?prodidreq=CCVVS36...

Though the signup bonus is pretty mediocre, a 2% general rewards visa is a good deal (there aren't many left).

Application link

If you use your points to pay off Priceline purchases, then you get a bonus, as follows:
[Thanks ZJamaican for collecting the data]
$.01 - $199.99 - 9.1% (1/11) point discount - Effective 2.2% CB
$200.00 - $399.99 - 16.6% (2/12) point discount - Effective 2.4% CB
$400.00 - $599.99 - 23.0% (3/13) point discount - Effective 2.6% CB
$600.00 - $799.99 - 28.6% (4/14) point discount - Effective 2.8% CB
$800.00 - Infinity - 33.0% (5/15) point discount - Effective 3.0% CB

[Note: If you are not a US citizen (i.e. green card, or here on visa), you may have some trouble getting this visa, as Barclays is rejecting/asking more info of applicant's whose credit file started at a later age]
9/18/11 9:35 PM
From ZJamaican, the true NYOP redemption schedule is likely:

$.01 - $199.99 - 1.1%
$200.00 - $399.99 - 1.2%
$400.00 - $599.99 - 1.3%
$600.00 - $799.99 - 1.4%
$800.00 - Infinity - 1.5%

Edit March 2015: They upgraded the card and got rid of the tiers. Now all NYOP/Express deal redemptions will occur at the highest level i.e. 1.5% regardless of the transaction amount!
9/18/11 11:20 PM
I got the same card offer (and deleted it without paying attention). Thanks OP! I'll sign up for this since my Charles Schwab card is being shut down :/
9/19/11 12:31 AM
Interesting. I have to guess that this was sent exclusively to NYOP customers who did not already have one of the cards.

Points are redeemed on purchases, so you just take your points that you earned and select purchases to have credited back on your statement (purchases you pick have to be $25 or higher). This would be a 2% card based on my knowledge as the points rate is as stated. ($25 = 2500 and so on)

There are three Priceline cards now then.

1) This card (which appears to be an open application, just hidden) ID: https://www.pricelinevisa.com/app/japply/lp/TnCs.jsp?prodidreq=C...
5% on NYOP purchases, 2% on all others, no annual fee
2) Another card ID: https://www.pricelinevisa.com/app/japply/lp/TnCs.jsp?prodidreq=C...
4% on NYOP, 3% on retail Priceline, 2% in one category, and 1% on ann other, $29 annual fee
3) Original free one ID: https://www.pricelinevisa.com/app/japply/lp/TnCs.jsp?prodidreq=C...
2% on all Priceline and 1% on all others, no annual fee (definitely a bad card now).

I am a bit frustrated by the change. I will likely try to switch and see if I can get my annual fee back.

The demise of FIA 2% clearly is very interesting as a ton of new cards have come on the market. What is this world coming to?

9/19/11 8:08 AM
Like Sallie Mae creation, it has 3% foreign exchange fee.
9/19/11 8:24 AM
This one is not looking to bad considering statement credit usage - if they got rid of that then it is a showstopper but lets hope it stays.
9/19/11 8:25 AM
2% isn't so hot, but if you let the card lie dormant for a while, barclays may hit you with a targeted 0%apr/$0fee BT offer with opportunity to auto-CLI sometime down the line.

see this thread. also search for other barclays BT offer threads.
9/19/11 8:34 AM
I have card #3 and would be interested in switching also....
9/19/11 9:15 AM
Product switch from their finance visa possible?
9/19/11 11:10 AM
Things to watch out for in the T&C:
1. They'll take your points if you don't have 1 transaction or a balance every 6 months.
2. If your account is EVER more than 60 days past due they can revoke any past statement credits they've given you.

I can't find anything saying how much the points are actually worth.
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