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New priceline visa - with 2% rewards on purchases / 5% rewards on "Name your own price"

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3/30/13 8:05 PM
Happened to me the first time I made payment via Priceline's own online payment system (~$5k).
They gave me the run around but it was made available about 5-7 days later.
Have been using Chase Billpay since then and it hasn't happened since.
I think financial institutions consider the source when making funds available for new(ish) card holders.

Chases billpay system is setup in a way that the payment is funded (immediately taken from your account) when you setup the billpay.
If the $$ isn't there they billpay isn't processed. I think processes like these (and the reputation/size of the sending bank) makes the difference on the receiving end and how they treat your payment. Not saying its the only things that matters but it helps.
3/30/13 8:32 PM
Ok, I've gotta ask the dumb question: How do you redeem points towards a NYOP purchase? I can't find any reference to the bonus value for redeeming towards NYOP nor can I find any link to using points toward a NYOP purchase on the Barclays website.
3/31/13 2:12 AM
To get NYOP bonus, you go into the rewards redemption page and click on a NYOP purchase to redeem against. They are active for redemption for 90 days (instead of the standard 30). The $ amount looks the same, but when you click on it, you will see that the points required are less than 100/$.

For example, right now I have a $170.04 NYOP transaction I can redeem against, and it will cost 15,459 points, instead of 17,004. Nowhere on the site says what the conversion is, the values were determined empirically by others here on FWF.
3/31/13 8:01 AM
CowbellMaster said:   


$4300 tax bill
Can pay online
2.5% 'Convenience fee"

Use the CC or pay with check? I've changed my mind a dozen times so far and it's due tomorrow.

Your post is an old post which I just saw. But people are paying taxes all the time so wanted, for you and others, to reference my own thread, here:

Link to Priceline/tax thread

where a poster has confirmed Barclays' treatment of tax payments as charges, not as cash advances.

After all, if Barclays treated the payment as a CA, nobody would ever use their Priceline card to pay tax of any sort.
4/6/13 6:13 PM
unable to log into site. keep getting message try later after entering password. its been like this all day. anyone else having same issue
4/6/13 6:17 PM
nymgiants said:   

unable to log into site. keep getting message try later after entering password. its been like this all day. anyone else having same issue

I can log in just fine.
4/13/13 7:58 PM
regarding the redemption bonus.. it is normally 2x or 2% if redeemed towards a regular purchase, but it is 10-50% bonus if redeemed for a Priceline purchase depending on how large teh Priceline purchase is.
So my question is, is that bonus only applicable towards a "name your own price" purchase or is the bonus applied if you redeem the Cash Back /points towards ANY Priceline.com purchase? if I buy a plane ticket for $1000 on Priceline.com, and I have 66700 points ($667.00 regular Cash Back) can I redeem those points for the $1000 plane ticket? or does it have to be a $1,000 purchase from the "name your own price" program? I was thinking the special terms for "NYOP" purchases just meant you get 5% points/Cash Back on a NYOP purchase vs the regular 2%
4/22/13 3:21 PM
ProfessorEd said:   

Has anyone else had problems with payments not promptly making more credit available. I pad over $15,000 via their web site on the due date, to be taken from my bank account, and it was the next day, and their site showed the payment as having been made. Since the payment was via ACH, there was not the concern about a bad check that could have existed with a paper check.

However, my available credit did not reflect this for several days, preventing me from making a large purchase using it.

I have heard of cards placing hold on incoming money when there was a lot of activity and payments before the due date, but there was no attempt here to spend morel than the credit limit, and the payment came in after a month when only about $250 had been accrued (the sum owed was from the previous month). I presume this was a temporary glitch, but I wonder if it is likely to happen again, or likely enough so I should pay the bill before it is due.

Their payment system does lag. I really dont trust them with the rewards points. Few weeks ago, my $5k purchase points just vanished. I been using fidelity AMEX since then. Really fia is way better.
5/9/13 5:56 PM
I just applied and was not instantly approved, which is really odd, as I have never been denied or held up with a credit card before. I recently applied for/received one other card (Sallie Mae) as I'm looking to revamp what cc's I use on a day to day basis.

Is there a number to call to push this through? I looked for one on the first page and didn't see any. I don't like waiting.
5/9/13 7:56 PM
Anyone else do the BT and have trouble getting the 1% (max 2500 pts) rewards bonus?
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