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New priceline visa - with 2% rewards on purchases / 5% rewards on "Name your own price"

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6/12/13 11:04 AM
TonySpero said:   

I love the card, One question, I zapped a purchase after receiving a statement, so is it safe to pay the current balance and not the statement balance? After zapping it said, this does not count as a payment. For example statement balance is $175, credit reduces the current balance to $150, if I just pay the $150 will they charge interest on the $25?

Your example indicates a balance of $150.00 after applying the credit. Why would you think you still owe $175.00?
6/12/13 11:17 AM
It's the message I got after applying the credit: "This does not count as a payment", that's what's throwing me off, anyway, I paid the statement balance.
6/13/13 7:42 AM
I've called them previously about the credit and it was explained to me that they count it like a merchant credit, i.e. counts against total balance, but not against current statement balance. Only way you can reduce your regular payment is if you haven't charged any additional $$ to the card since the previous statement.
6/13/13 8:36 AM
KYBOSH said:   

This card was around for a pretty long time,

Why all of a sudden has it become so popular?

Because Capital One killed the 2% (now 1.5%) HSBC card that was transferred into their care recently.
6/13/13 12:06 PM
i find that if you use the credit asap on the current charges, it comes off the statement. i.e. if you have a balance online(before statement)of 150.00 and you apply points to a charge (lets say $26.00)that charge comes off. So your bill will be 150-26=124. But it has to be done before the statement goes to billing. It's a crappy system, but kudos to the man who designed this system, they get you to use card. NFL card works same way. Just check the balance every few days and use the points asap.
6/13/13 6:01 PM
Found out today that unlike Chase and others, this card does *not* reduce the auto payment amount based on other payments made during the billing cycle. Left me with a $4K negative balance.
6/13/13 10:58 PM
This card never really got much publicity, so not that many people knew about it. Plus, they used to have more competition than they do now.
Not much to recommend it (even if it was still around for new accounts) other than the 2%. I used to go NYOP all the time, but in the past few years, I've hardly used it at all. Honestly, maybe used my PL card once for an actual PL stay. If they do away with the 2%, there will be NO reason to stay on.
6/14/13 7:18 AM
I just saw this and I appreciate the heads up. I'm pretty reliant on my Priceline card and if it goes away I'm gonna miss it a lot. Just used it to pay my taxes, for example.

If Priceline 2% vanishes, I'll shift to my "1-2-3" card and be forced to buy gift cards using the 2% rewards feature that card offers me at supermarkets. That's a nuisance compared with the existing Priceline situation. But I don't see any practical alternatives. My "1-2-3" card has seen little use recently because I'm still spending down gift cards for supermarket and gas that I bought a while back when I could get 5% (and even 10%) rewards. Given Priceline future now has become clouded, need to exercise that "1-2-3" card just a bit so they do not cancel.
6/14/13 7:49 AM
phototristan said:   

This Priceline card is atrocious with regards to disputes. They just take your phone call but don't do zilch with handling the dispute at all. I actually think they may be in non compliance with some consumer credit card laws or something.

They don't credit back the charge, they don't follow up for more information, they basically just ignore you.

You've been warned. I'm stopping using this card excpet for charges I'm certain would not have to be disputed.

I had a different dispute experience...I called to dispute; I returned an item and never received the credit; first time was told I had to wait ten business days which I did. When I called the foreign CSR was polite yet his attitude was very "are you sure you're not at fault?"...He asked "Have you called all your other credit cards to ensure you didn't confuse it with this one?"..."Are you sure there wasn't a misunderstanding and you received store credit?" Call ended with them saying it could take up to 45 days for the case to close and I can follow the status of the case online. I got a call from them a week later saying the case was closed and I was awarded the credit (still not sure if merchant came through or barclays actually did anything).

As far as folks wondering why this card isn't that popular; outside of us bargain hunters most of which who hang out in deal sites, some folks will label Priceline as "is cheap as you can get" or "low class". If someone wants to label me that I could care less; I'll continue using the card.
6/14/13 7:50 AM
Ya know, this has got me to thinkin'. I still use the cash out method (for Priceline) explained by DaveHanson much earlier in this thread. I had something like 140,000+ points I just cashed out using his method. My current point total is below 10 points! And I agree with other posters here that the 2% reward is the principal reason not to sock drawer this card. At least that's true for myself.

So I'm thinking, maybe this is a good time for me to stop using Priceline! One thing I hate is "stranded" rewards. You get up to, maybe, 12,000 points, or whatever, and they shift to 1%. Now you're stuck at 1% rewards to get the rest of the way up to the $25 minimum. Better maybe to shift on over right away to B of A "1-2-3", buy my gift card(s), and just go from there. Heck, if I can find the right gift cards at a register with a "gas station" MCC, I could even do better than with Priceline! For me, right now, I have a reliable supermarket source of Visa GCs at 2%. I know the MCC is good for 2%. Getting them reliably at 3%, from a "gas station", would take a bit of research and shopping around.
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