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Discover Card St. Pats bonus

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3/6/12 10:29 AM
This is my first "deal" post in the Finance forum so please be gentle.

Was talking to a Discover rep today and inquired about any extra cash-back promotions. She mentioned on St. Patrick's day, March 17 Discover will offer 2% Cash Back on all purchases. This is in addition to the quarterly promo so if you buy gas on that date you'll receive %7 cash-back instead of 5%. I was told that I was "signed up" for this promo so I assume you have to call in and have it added on in order to get the extra cb.

3/6/12 10:29 AM
Additional 2% CashBack Rewards on your DiscoverCard when you sign up in advance for the promotion and use your DiscoverCard for almost any spending on St Patrick's Day. March 17th, 2012. Many people got targeted emails. Some have contacted Discovercard and been successful being included.

This is on top of the current quarterly 5% CashBack rewards at Gas Stations, Museums and Movie Theaters.
3/6/12 10:36 AM
What number did you call?
3/6/12 11:19 AM
3/6/12 5:44 PM
I just called and asked about this promotion and how I could sign up for it. The CSR said yea I can sign you up for it and did then said I'll get 2% cb on all purchases I make on the 17th. Thanks op!
3/7/12 3:18 PM
I gave you green for St. Patty's Day.
3/8/12 6:18 PM
From Discover Card Customer Service

Thank you for your message about our new St. Patrick's Day Double CashBack Bonus promotion. This is a great way to maximize your CashBack Bonus, and I will be happy to provide you more information about it!

I have enrolled your account into the St. Patrick's Day Double CashBack Bonus promotion. This will allow you to receive Double (a full 2%) CashBack Bonus on purchases made with your Discover Card at any merchant, including warehouse clubs and discount stores.

This promotion applies to purchases made on March 16 and 17, 2011, and there is no purchase cap. You will continue to earn the standard CashBack Bonus for these purchases, along with any additional CashBack Bonus, including those offered through ShopDiscover.

We strive to be the most rewarding relationship consumers and businesses have with a financial services company. Thank you for choosing to use Discover Card. Happy St. Patty's Day!



We appreciate your feedback. Please Click Here to complete a short survey on your customer service experience today.

DISCOVER, CashBack BONUS and the other trademarks, logos and service marks used in this e-mail are the trademarks of Discover Financial Services or their respective third-party owners.

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Date : Mar 08, 02012 04:37 PM
Subject : Re: General Rewards Questions

Hi, I would like to sign up for the St. Patrick's day, March 17 extra 2% Cash Back on all purchases promotion.
3/9/12 12:31 PM
This could be useful when combined with the ability to make some utility payments via Discover cards.

In most cases even if you go to the trouble to schedule payments for St. Patrick's Day, your reward percentage will be only equal o or less than what you may get in others ways (especially if you have 2% card).

I confirmed from ChargeSmart that the offer is still available (there is a thread on this).

Since it is hard to to charge most utilities without extra fees, the Discover option is valuable. If you have a CITI Dividend card you may get 5% back, but this will often mean paying a fee., which on small payments may negate the rebate.

It may even pay you to prepay some utility bills to benefit from this doubling.

Unlike shopping, where scheduling trips for the extra rebate may not be worth it, bill payments can be done from the home computer (a calendar notation may be useful to assist in remembering).

Thank you for your E-mail.

Yes, we are still offering an instant rebate on Discover utilities payments.
Please follow this link and click on the Make a Payment link on the right side
of the page:


Best regards,
ChargeSmart Support
3/9/12 1:45 PM
ProfessorEd said:   

This could be useful when combined with the ability to make some utility payments via Discover cards.

Have you determined how the transaction date relates to the date (and perhaps time) of submitting the Charge Smart payment request?
3/10/12 3:54 PM
Thanks OP and Vickh !! I just dropped DiscoverCard an email from my account to ask for my account to be included. I did the same for Mom's account.

The similar Valentine 2% promo was honored based on purchase date. The gas purchases posted the next day and received both the 5% and 2%. I should know the answer to both questions in a few days and will update this posting.
We got the same response as vickh by account message. March 12 - Discover emailed my less used account with the offer. As of March 13, Mom has not received the offer email, but is covered by the account message suggested by vickh.
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