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ShareBuilder $200 Bonus

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6/13/12 12:37 AM

2 You must start a new ShareBuilder consideration and first deposit $10,000 or more to be qualified for this marketing. Preliminary first deposit must be accomplished by 6/30/12. ING DIRECT Committing will first deposit a $200 extra roughly 4-6 several weeks after your first $10,000 first deposit. The $200 extra provide is available for Personal, Combined and Legal records only. Offer not legitimate for IRAs or ESAs. The $200 extra is not available for drawback for 120 times after it is granted to your consideration. This provide is not legitimate with any other provides and is non-transferrable. Restrict one ShareBuilder consideration extra per exclusive client or custodial successor. We source the right to stop this provide any time and to reject or restore any marketing prize if we figure out that it was acquired under inappropriate or bogus conditions, that incorrect or imperfect details was offered in starting the consideration, or that any conditions of our Account Contract have been disregarded. Offer comes to an end 6/30/12.
6/13/12 2:45 AM
I opened several accounts in the past, all with promo codes, but the results were spotty. A few qualified and the rest never happened even though all codes were initially accepted. All had small initial deposit requirements. This one is different because of its large initial deposit requirement. All data points are welcome!
6/13/12 7:13 AM
Folks don't be fooled by the fact that your account took the code. When you contact them for the promo not having been credited yet (after months and months) they will tell you that the code was targeted and even though your account accepted it you were not meant to receive it. As a courtsey they will offer to ship you free of charge a bag of sand to pound on!
6/13/12 8:13 AM
The offer does not appear to be on their general webpage and people are specifically getting the email (targeted) and the offer is being posted on several other deal sites....I don't see this one ending well.
6/13/12 8:48 AM
Short version: You can't use this unless you received the targeted email. I chatted with an online ShareBuilder rep to ask specific info.

Also, ShareBuilder only does a soft pull as long as you aren't applying for margin borrowing.

Long Version - Chat Session - Names changed, obviously.

Hang on and we'll introduce you to a real live Customer Service Associate. While youíre waiting, here are some quick disclaimers: All chats are recorded, donít provide personal info and remember that we canít offer any advice.

ShareBuilder is here to help you out.

ShareBuilder: Hello! How can I help you?

Me: Hello, I was hoping you could tell me if the june200 promo code is available for everyone or if it is only a targeted offer. I don't want to sign up and then be told later that since I didn't receive the promo in an email that I am not allowed to get the $200

Me: The URL for it is here: http://www.sharebuilder.com/em/june200 and basically says that after a $10,000 deposit, you get $200

ShareBuilder: I'm taking a look at the promotion. It will take a few minutes.

Me: Ok, take your time. Thank you

ShareBuilder: That promotion is available to the people who received the offer via email.

ShareBuilder: How did you receive the promotion?

Me: I found the URL on a website that talks about trading stocks. I was hoping it was available to everyone.

ShareBuilder: I'm afraid not. You can find our current offers on the Home page of the ShareBuilder website under the Special Offers section.

Me: I appreciate your help. I'll hold off on opening the account for now.

ShareBuilder: If you have any questions, please donít hesitate to contact us again.

Me: Perfect. One more thing I'd like to know in case I am ever emailed an offer like this... does ShareBuilder do a soft or hard pull of the credit report?

ShareBuilder: We will only do a hard credit check if you apply for margin borrowing. There is a soft pull for opening the account.

Me: Great information. Thanks again for your help. Have a great day
6/13/12 12:04 PM
One bonus per customer's lifetime. New accounts only, per individualized e-mail back from Customer Service.
6/13/12 2:17 PM
snork615 said:   

One bonus per customer's lifetime. New accounts only, per individualized e-mail back from Customer Service.

... action postpone until someone can find a way to go from main site to http://www.sharebuilder.com/em/june200 w/o external link
Surprised not being discussed over at the 'other' deal site ...
6/13/12 6:52 PM
The other thing is IF this were open to all, but it was one per customer, i wonder if closing accounts for some period of time allows you to be a "new" customer in their system.

I have a couple accounts from the prior bonus open I don't need-- I'm going to try to close a couple of those and then see if the code works after a couple days (still may not get the bonus if targeted, but might be useful for future public offerings-- especially if they do annual promos like ING).
6/14/12 9:06 AM
I got an email about this, but not sure how long I have to keep the 10K balance there
6/14/12 11:33 AM
srtrooper said:   

I got an email about this, but not sure how long I have to keep the 10K balance there

I did not get email but if I were you, I would leave it there until I got the bonus before asking them citing no restrictions in promo terms
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