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Discover IT card - Application page is online.... Similar to Discover More

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7/17/12 7:06 PM
OP edited.
The original post was before 7/20/12 (date the card became available).
The intent of this thread it to allow folks to discuss the new card from Discover. However, it's fairly similar to the Discover More card.
It has been reported that if you would like to switch to the Discover it card, you can do so without a hard pull.

application link

It does have 0% interest for 15 months with a 3% BT fee. No signup bonus.
7/17/12 7:07 PM
The benefits of the Discover IT card are similar to Discover More card link. The 5% rewards categories are identical as well.
7/17/12 7:30 PM
Is that the card with the creepy clown reaching out of the sewer? I heard the sign up bonus is free candy, but the penalties are pretty brutal.
7/17/12 7:40 PM
Lol. If it was the it clown, I'd get it just to annoy the wife.
7/17/12 7:46 PM
discover homepagehas an image of the card (you might need to just type in discover.com as that link sends me to an applicaton page)
7/18/12 7:57 AM
If anyone's interested and wants to call for more info, they're inviting folks to do so via twitter
7/18/12 10:09 AM
Looks to me they have spent sign-up bonus money on TV advertisement. Lame.
7/18/12 10:11 AM
anyone call?
7/18/12 10:13 AM
debtinator said:   

anyone call?

Yea, I did. It's a waste of time. Spoke to 4 people. None of them had any information other than that the card and more info will be available on the 20th.
One person said I could get on an email list to get information as soon as it was available. When I was transferred to the department responsible for doing that, they said there's no such way to do it.
7/18/12 10:14 AM

Found this thread with what may be a legit image describing it... nothing in the way of details re: sign up bonuses or Cash Back offers, though. Perhaps a card eliminating the $3k spending req to get to 1% CB?
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