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Paid at Home Depot with Paypal linked to old bank - will I overdraft?

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12/2/12 8:56 PM
I used paypal to check out at Home Depot but forgot to update my primary bank account. It is now set to pull from an old but active checking account and it will be overdrafted. I immediately got home and begin a funds transfer from my new checking account to the old one to see if i can beat paypal and avoid the overdraft.
Do i have any other options? Can I buy a moneypak at cvs and load my paypal?? I still see my old checking account as the funding source for that transaction, but if i have enough money in my paypal account, shouldn't it draw from there before it pulls from my checking acct?

Anything I can do to make that purchase come from my paypal balance or is it already pulling from my checking account? I had 14 bucks in my paypal balance before I even made this mistake and it still all there...so it hasn't touched it at all yet. Not sure if it will?
12/2/12 8:56 PM
12/3/12 2:00 AM
I recommend posting in the flame free thread.
12/3/12 2:21 AM
When you make a payment, if you have not selected a Preferred Payment Method, PayPal will fund your transaction in this order:
PayPal Balance
Instant transfer from your bank account (if eligible)
PayPal Credit (Bill Me Later, PayPal Extras Card, or PayPal Smart Connect)

For In-Store Checkout, PayPal will only use your Balance to fund your transaction if you select it as a Preferred Payment Method and you have sufficient Balance to cover the entire transaction amount.
12/3/12 3:01 AM
RedCelicaGT said:   

I recommend posting in the flame free thread.

Says the childless man with 30 bumbos in his backseat on his way to WalMart.
12/3/12 8:43 AM
Nope, you're going to get hit with the overdraft. This is always the risk with Paypal transactions - got to make sure your funding sources are right. You can't win this race, now. Best you can do is call the bank and beg forgiveness.

With this new Paypal charge thing that we're using to get these Home Depot discounts you can set your preference for where the money comes from for a purchase. I pointed mine at my credit card.
12/4/12 12:42 AM
The checking account doesn't have online deposit with instant credit? Maybe can put the money in there before the ACH hits.

Or, if you have access to good deal for a low fee domestic wire transfer from another of your bank accounts, it may be cheaper to wire the money in to the account o avoid the fees and red mark of an overdraft.
12/4/12 5:29 AM
About the only way to beat the PayPal ACH and avoid the overdraft would have been a cash deposit at a branch or a bank wire the same day or perhaps the next day.
Adding money to your paypal account now will do nothing, the money needed to be there before you made the purchase. If you have never overdrafted before the bank may reverse the OD fees if you ask nicely.
12/5/12 3:20 AM
OliverQuackenbush said:   

RedCelicaGT said:   

I recommend posting in the flame free thread.

Says the childless man with 30 bumbos in his backseat on his way to WalMart.

Bought every one in the metro area You shoulda seen the look on the clerk's face when I came to the returns counter with two shopping carts overflowing...
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