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Non-Profit "Do Not Call" - but keeps calling me. Profit?

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12/4/12 9:17 AM
I have been receiving calls from a local "non-profit" theater company after attending a performance in June 2011. After the first call, I politelty asked them to not call me anymore. Same for the second call, sometime last Spring. They called again in September 2012, and again last night.

The response I received from the phone rep was 1) we are a non-profit so we are exempt from "Do Not Call" regulations, and 2) it takes a year for us to remove your name from our calling list, and it won't be updated again until May 2013.

I went back and forth with the phone rep a bit, and finally asked them to send me a letter in writing indicating they have received my multiple requests to not call and that I would be removed from their list.

I received an apologetic email from someone in charge several minutes later, acknowledging that in September 2012 they did in fact receive my request to not call anymore.

Since they acknowledged their fault in contuning to call me, and also since it seems non-profits can skirt this regulation, what can I do at this point?
12/4/12 9:17 AM
12/4/12 9:41 AM
Get over it?
12/4/12 9:43 AM
When someone says "I'm sorry", you're supposed to say "No problem", and then move on.. AT least, that's what my kindergarten teacher told me..
12/4/12 10:59 AM
If you just want the calls to stop, why don't youc all them, say you need to udpate your number, and then tell them a non-working number?
12/4/12 11:03 AM
It is a non profit, probably staffed by volunteers mostly. As scotto said, get over it.

On the funny side, this reminds me of Seinfeld saying "Give me your number and I will call you at a bad time"
12/4/12 11:12 AM
FYI Everybody above this post, "Non-profit" doesn't mean they can't profit...and they're not always volunteers trying to "help" people in need.

It sounds like entitlement from the non-profit about their ability to harass the OP. They're just calling begging for money. Sure some will go to help people, but I'm sure part of their business model is to collect enough money to pay their members and C-levels.

There are plenty of millionaires running non-profits. I remember reading about a guy who started a "nonprofit" to help place foreign students and received all sorts of grant money who was making a fortune. The company didn't retain profits, but he sure got paid well.
12/4/12 12:29 PM
Do you know if the people doing the calling are actually from the local non-profit theater company or if they're calling "on behalf of..."? I've had similar experiences with various charities and non-profit organizations in the past, and I had some luck talking to the actual organization and informing them of the situation.
12/4/12 5:07 PM
Life is too short, hang up on them or just say something very curt and quick and hang up. I used to try to explain but I don't anymore.
12/4/12 5:25 PM
We put our 2 1/2 year old on the line. He enjoys the calls.
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