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Drain FSA in 2012

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12/10/12 10:57 AM
I am trying to drain the FSA this year. Need some helpful ideas. I have already used it for gas to the doctor, got in a routine checkup that would be needed next Feb.. Turned in all med got new glasses for me and hubby. I have used it for dental and everything else that is always mentioned. Still have a balance, so I need some ideas maybe aren't used often. The only thing I can come up with is a pair of high end frames for sunglasses. We have to travel several miles sometimes to see a doctor so I always use it for gas but I am wondering what about food or hotel. If the doctor is so many miles away would that work? Thanks!!
12/10/12 10:57 AM
12/10/12 11:03 AM
12/10/12 11:06 AM
The only food you can claim is hospital=provided meals while you are a patient in the hospital. You can claim lodging under some circumstances, but it doesn't sound like it applies to you. Did you claim mileage for trips to the pharmacy, glasses store, etc.?
12/10/12 11:13 AM
A nice blood pressure monitor is good to have, if you don't already have one.
12/10/12 11:16 AM
Miles to the eyeglass store, no I didn't count that it is only a few miles but every one counts, thanks great idea.
12/10/12 11:17 AM
Got two blood pressure cuffs, guess one could have one spare, one upstairs, one downstairs. I could get a fancy one. Thanks!
12/10/12 11:18 AM
Thanks for the link, great information. I am going to get this thing drained.
12/10/12 11:27 AM
If it were me, I would call the optical place and order duplicates of your regular glasses. I always get two copies of the same prescription, in the same frame so fit is not an issue and I don't have to get used to them. It is a good thing to have an exact spare.
12/10/12 12:09 PM

sunblocks (I think you can buy expensive kind, as long as the invoice say SPF 30 or above)
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