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Check your auto insurance for the new year

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1/14/13 3:17 PM
Just a reminder to all -

Do a competitive quote at some other auto insurance providers - especially if your rates have gone up due to accidents, etc.

I just switched identical coverage amounts from Progressive to Geico and am saving over $300/6 month policy period (~650/year) for 2 vehicles for my wife and I.
(Looks like Progressive is still giving me the best deal by far on Motorcycle insurance though...)

I know this is no amazing strategy or novel approach to money making - but we forget these little things sometimes. Hopefully this reminder spurs a few of you into action for some savings!
1/14/13 3:17 PM
1/14/13 3:35 PM
tajar96 compiled a pretty good list of things to accomplish annually last month. See it here:

1/14/13 3:39 PM
thanks for the link - doesn't hurt for another reminder - especially for an uncluttered one that literally should take you less than 1 hour total to investigate and resolve!
1/14/13 6:53 PM
Better hope you never need to make a claim. The Lizard of Omaha got to be a zillionaire by low pricing with lots of claim denials here. He has trolls everywhere now.
1/14/13 8:27 PM
Perhaps. I was with Allstate prior to Progressive - I was extremely unhappy at how they handled my claim. Because of that I switched to Progressive.

I had 3 claims with Progressive: hail damage to 2 cars - which they cut us a check pretty expediently, and an ice skid my wife had in her work lot - which was paid out to a co worker (co worker claimed against us - no damage to wife's car). So, I was not unhappy with them, but don't have any experience with a collision claim from our end (e.g. an accident that we were involved in that required our vehicles to be fixed).

I have a feeling you had a bad experience with Geico in the past, so this may be your reason for bashing them - totally understandable. I would say the same thing about Allstate at this point.

I actually had a bad experience with Geico about 15-20 years ago - but it was partly due to my error (I was younger and dumber then) - and I'm willing to give them another chance. My father has been with them for 30 years (maybe more), and I know he has had a few claims with them that went smoothly. Spoke with some others who are covered with them too and nothing really negative to share.

I think that any of the top providers of insurance are going to have those people who have had bad experiences - so I usually just look at an apples to apples comparison and find the cheapest rate.
1/15/13 5:47 AM
Went from Geico to USAA and save about 30%
and moved my Homeowners from State Farm to USAA also
1/15/13 9:03 AM
Tried to look into USAA - but for military only. Would have been interested to see a quote - but they won't even let me proceed.
They asked for parent enlistment as well...tried to apply as wife whose father was in the Air Force (not career) and it said that it couldn't look up or use that information.

Ah well - I'm satisfied with my new Geico rate for now...another 30% would always be nice - but would be minor considering the 90%+ reduction I just got switching.
1/15/13 9:13 AM
The two top rated insurance companies in most categories are USAA and AMICA. USAA requires that connection, even if distant, to someone that has been in the military. AMICA used to require a member to recommend you, but no longer does.

A few years back I had USAA (which relatives have) quote against my AMICA (which I've had for over 30 years). In total, AMICA won, although in various pieces USAA beat them. I have auto, home, and liability umbrella.

Happy with AMICA I stayed.
1/15/13 9:56 AM
Well apparently USAA doesn't allow a distant connection as it told me that my wife's father's service was not enough to qualify us and asked for additional connections.
Apparently involvement in the Military was not enough - he actually had to have been a USAA member for his children to get any benefit.

I did look at Liberty Mutual who apparently is who they use for those members not eligible for their Auto. LM was about equivalent to what I paid with Progressive, and competitive with most of the other quotes.

Geico seemed to not take my wife's minor accident 2 years ago into as much account, or adjusted it based on a percentage of the premium which - since it was already lower than the others made less of an affect.

I can't argue that a company like USAA might have a higher satisfaction rating because it has fewer complaints. Part of this is simply the size of the company. When you factor in size to gross dollars overwritten, most companies fall within a few percentage points difference of satisfaction.

Would still be interesting to know what USAA would offer - but I have a feeling as I am shopping based on cost (while still trying to stay with a reputable company) they wouldn't compete (in my situation).

UPDATE: Just tried AMICA too - they want to charge me almost $1000/6 month period for coverage that isn't even as good.
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