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$150 for opening a checking account and activate 3 services at FirstMerit Bank(IL, Michigan, OH, Pennsylvania, WI only)

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1/25/13 1:57 PM
AKRON, Ohio, Jan. 7, 2013 FirstMerit Bank announced today that it has launched three exciting reward programs for its checking account holders who use FirstMerit debit cards.


Activation Bonus
You can earn up to $150 by participating in our convenient banking services. Qualifying services include:
 Bill Pay. Pay three bills per month for the first three months following enrollment to qualify. Not
available for accounts already set up with this activity.
 Direct Deposit. Make two direct deposits of $250 or more into your account each month for two
consecutive months following enrollment to qualify. Not available for accounts already set up with
this activity.
 Paperless Statement. Sign up for paperless statements and receive paperless statements for two
consecutive statement cycles following enrollment to qualify.

The more you participate in qualifying services, the more you earn:
$25 for participating in one service,
$75 for participating in two services and
$150 for participating in all three services.

New account customers must enroll in the qualifying services within 90 days of account opening.

Payment of MeritRewards Shop & Earn Bonuses
Your MeritRewards Shop & Earn bonuses will be paid as a direct deposit to your account within 30 days of the
MeritRewards Shop & Earn enrollment anniversary date provided your original qualifying account is open (or
you have upgraded to another qualifying account) and your account is in good standing on your enrollment
anniversary date
Amounts paid may be subject to IRS tax reporting. You are responsible for any personal tax liability associated
with receipt of MeritRewards Shop & Earn bonuses.
A monthly fee for MeritRewards Shop & Earn may apply as set forth defined below:
Reality Platinum,WorkPlace
Platinum & CFMA
Reality Gold & WorkPlace Gold All Other Retail Checking
Free Free $1.00 per month

also $10 for referrals

3 types of accounts available. Details are here.

Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin only
1/25/13 1:57 PM
1/25/13 2:08 PM
Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin only. Please add to OP and/or Title.
1/25/13 2:27 PM
Hard pull?
1/25/13 3:05 PM
And what counts as a DD? Looks like the bill pay and paperless statements are easy enough, so a sure way to get $75 if they don't consider Paypal or bank transfers via ACH to be direct deposits.
1/25/13 3:17 PM
Does this bank allow credit card deposit?
1/25/13 4:02 PM
I figured I'd give it a shot, but got this when I hit submit:
We are unable to open your account at this time.
If you have questions, please call us at 1-888-554-4362.

They ask you multiple choice questions for identity verification, but none of them applied to me for all 3 questions - height on drivers license, and two cars I've previously owned. Never have had all of them as non-applicable.
1/26/13 8:27 AM
Is a branch visit required to open the account(s)?
1/27/13 12:04 AM
Anyone open this one and get Thank you for submitting your application! info coming in the mail.... Just wondering if they are gonna let me go through. Incidentally you can fund with cc, but they didn't run mine yet.
1/27/13 12:57 AM
what is the max funding amount when using a credit card? What credit cards are presented as options?
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