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Online Gambling in USA

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1/27/13 4:19 PM
Its kinda hard to find info on google regarding online gambling in the US. Most sites that say it is legal look like online casino advertisements, and then the laws are really confusing. Are any of you guys currently gambling online and have no problem depositing funds and cashing out? Details would be great...
1/27/13 4:19 PM
1/27/13 4:23 PM
Yes, you can gamble online. Of course it is illegal. I don't think FW mods would like us posting how to gamble online since it is illegal. sbrforums can help you out
1/27/13 4:39 PM
Seeing how easy it is to fake your location on the internet, you should have no problem gambling on-line. I'd be more concerned that the games would be rigged.
1/27/13 4:49 PM
there is a reason dealers in real life spread cards out on the table for all to see (front and back), shuffle thoroughly, show their sleeves, etc. anyone who plays cards for money online without these safeguards is extremely trusting. very very trusting. i am not saying "idiot" because I am trying to use nice words.
even if the offshore gambling site operators that write the compute programs aren't ripping the users off, its entirely possible hackers can manipulate computer servers.
if you want to play cards, might I suggest CalNeva on Virginia Street in Reno, NV. Single deck blackjack and a friendly crowd make for lots of fun. If you are in Vegas, on the other hand, go to OSheas, where a genuine leprechaun walking on the bar will serve you.
1/27/13 4:56 PM
If I ran an on-line gaming site, I'd run analytics on each member's playing tendencies. Then I'd sprinkle in bots that played for the house and leveraged those analytics.

But I am a bad, bad man.
1/27/13 5:05 PM
As a former semi-pro online poker player, there have been several unscrupulous scandals involving bots playing, fund seizures, superusers who can see hole cards, or the famous Full Tilt Poker saga.

It is now illegal to both fund or take part in online gambling from USA. That being said, I'd be much more worried about getting assets frozen/seized or not getting paid by the various sites and agencies than I'd ever be about the games being rigged.

Not worth the trouble or hassle for -EV games and only worth the trouble for +EV games like poker or sports betting if you are a phenominal talent.
1/27/13 5:23 PM
First off, this belong in OT.

You all are feeding misinformation. Gambling is illegal. Games of skill are not, hence online poker is not illegal. Check out the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) for more information.

2+2 forums has a good thread on where you can play and deposit methods - Where can US players play?. I recommend the Winning Poker Network and Blackchip Poker.

If you're looking to play online slots and other table games, those are technically illegal according to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). In my opinion, sports wagering, fantasy contests, and live dealer blackjack are the only other games which actually have skill online and would not be deemed gambling.
1/27/13 5:31 PM
scottybweyy said:   

You all are feeding misinformation. Gambling is illegal. Games of skill are not, hence online poker is not illegal. Check out the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) for more information.

If you ever want to deposit or cash out from any of those sites expect to wait 4-8 weeks in both directions due to the amount of money laundering they have to do to fly under the feds radar. There are no good options available currently. Don't waste your time.
1/27/13 5:32 PM
Thanks for the link. Read some of the positions. Seems pretty tenuous, imo.

Some of the "why poker is skill, not gambling" sounded faintly similar to NAMBLA-style justifications. Sorry if that comes off too harsh, but that was my honest reaction while reading the PPA materials.

edit: Yes, I understand the difference between poker and slots. And somewhat familiar with how investments involve risk. And maybe, possibly even a more than passing familiarity with the overall concept of how higher levels of skill can generate higher levels of return in risk-based situations.

But poker is not legally considered to be gambling? Pul-leeze.
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