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StateFarm Auto Insurance -- discount program for driving car for pleasure no longer avail

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2/6/13 8:15 PM
I just received my auto renewal from StateFarm. They were late getting it out to me and I had to call them multiple times. They apparently have rewritten how they will do auto insurance and mine was held up for review.

My auto insurance was considered driving for pleasure and there used to be a discount it. I work from home mostly and occasionally drive in for a meeting, which is not very often. My auto insurance has basically doubled and they no longer offer the discount for not driving to work.

are other auto insurers doing away with the same discount (driving car for pleasure only)?
2/6/13 8:16 PM
2/6/13 10:03 PM
Progressive still does.
2/6/13 10:38 PM
I've had State Farm for years. My vehicles have always been rated on the number of miles driven. Heck, my wife doesn't drive to work, but she puts more miles on her car than I do on mine. Same is true for some of my "pleasure" vehicles as well. Make sure they have your vehicle rated for the appropriate amount of driving that you do.
2/6/13 10:42 PM
Fortunately my "pleasure" vehicle doesn't actually ever move out of the driveway. It just has some modifications to the seats.
2/6/13 10:50 PM
bluegreenturtle said:   

Fortunately my "pleasure" vehicle doesn't actually ever move out of the driveway. It just has some modifications to the seats.

The 94-98 mustang seats recline all the way
The 99-2004 do not . Wish I knew this in 2001 when my gf was getting the new model
2/7/13 10:09 AM
Statefarm goes by annual millage. Maybe you can call your agent and have them review your account and explain in more detail what happened with your policy.
2/7/13 10:16 AM
Okay - I just checked my State Farm policy. Here are the choices for "vehicle's primary use:"

Not sure what your vehicle's primary use is? These are the options you can get a quote for online:
To/from work or school: For driving to and from work or school; not for business.
Pleasure: For casual, limited use; not for driving to and from work.
Limited use: Parades/shows/exhibitions: For vehicles 25 or more years old, maintained for use in parades, shows, and exhibitions, and occasionally used for other purposes.
Farm: For use primarily on a farm or ranch, where the vehicle is also parked; not ordinarily used in going from home to work or school, or any occupation other than farming or ranching.

From there, your usage is further defined by the number of miles that you drive.

OP - There's not a "discount" per se for pleasure use; your premium is just different (or not, depending on how much driving you are doing "for pleasure").
2/7/13 7:21 PM
Op, I don't know what state you live in but here in california, I've found that if you told statefarm that the vehicle was used for pleasure and not for work/commuting, your rates would actually be higher. That the best way to have low rates is to report your annual mileage to statefarm and hope that it's as low as possible.
2/7/13 8:15 PM
We have State Farm and two of our vehicles have lower premiums because both are driven 7500 miles or less per year. They send us a form each year to fill out the current mileage to qualify to keep that particular premium rating.
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