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Free Turbotax Deluxe Online 2013 for State Farm Bank customers (including State & efile)

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12/20/13 9:14 PM
Start Farm has posted their annual offer of free Turb0Tax.

Go to State Farm Promotion Login page
Sign in to your State Farm account, you would see link to free Turb0Tax Deluxe Online 2013.

***Please note that simply logging into your Turb0Tax account via the State Farm link does NOT register or get you free State & efile..

Follow steps below to get free State & efile: -

1. Log into your Turb0Tax account after you have gone through above mentioned State Farm link. (If you used theTurb0Tax software last year, it will ask you if you want to import last years info. Click yes).
2. Continue by selecting Turb0Tax Deluxe
3. Under "2013 Tax Info", complete "Personal Info" section
4. Then Under "2013 Tax Info", go to "State & Wrap up" section.
5. Let it transfer your information from Federal to State.
6. Click "< Back to 2013 Tax Info" on top left.
7. Click "Print Center" then click "Print, save or preview this year's return". It will ask you to register. Register.
8. On left sidebar, Click "Tools" then "Turb0Tax fees"

You should see something similar to
Turb0Tax Online - Deluxe $0.00(Paid)
Turb0Tax State: 'Name of your state' $0.00(Paid)

They do not appear to have all the forms yet & efile option hasn't been activated yet. Once it is activated (around January 3 or 4), I will update OP with instruction to register for free efile.

You must have State Farm credit card or checking account for this offer. State Farm Free Checking Account has No monthly fees, No minimum balance requirements, Minimum opening deposit is $25, initial 50 checks are free, Soft pull, and pays no interest. Usually, offer is limited to first 25,000 that Register to use Turb0Tax Online.

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State Farm TurboTax 2013 [ image/jpeg - 92.99kB ]
Moderator Comment: This is for State Farm customers only. Cash Back will be voided. — Jan. 6, 2014 @ 3:40pm
12/20/13 9:14 PM
Turbotax Deluxe Online [ image/jpeg - 24.99kB ]
12/21/13 12:22 AM
TY so much, OP, for the clear instructions.

The Intuit landing page says "state additional" under Deluxe, but following the OPs instructions should get you to the point where under Tools->Fees, you see $0 for State, too.

Thanks, OP and FWF
12/21/13 12:40 AM
Thank you OP! Excellent work, as always.
12/21/13 2:55 AM
Thanks OP! Registered successfully for my free Federal & State filings.
12/21/13 4:35 AM
12/21/13 4:40 AM
Thanks OP - a State Farm CSR had told me the link wouldn't be available until mid-January.
BTW, if you prefer the download version of the program instead of online filing, downloads are available through the same link. When you get to the TurboTax page, instead of clicking start a return, click on the tab for Download/CD. The page will give you the available versions and prices. Prices are the same as last year - Federal Basic is free; Deluxe Federal + State is $20, etc.
12/21/13 9:47 AM
This promo is also available if you have a State Farm credit card. This is all I have.
12/21/13 10:16 AM
I am confused. In my state farm offers I only see "Federal Free Edition", the "Deluxe Edition" is $29.99. I agree, I think the OP has jumped the gun. This offer usually doesn't hit until Janurary. I have it for the last 3 or 4 years, but have never been able to get the link until Janurary...
12/21/13 11:03 AM
OP did not jump the gun, followed his clear instructions and have both fed deluxe and state returns for free now online. Have also done this with no issues for at least 5 years now, never paid a dime for tax prep software.
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