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Sharebuilder FAQ and Promotion thread

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12/15/05 11:19 AM
If you only have the basic plan, there is a $25 annual administration fee.

Many reports that SB is not issuing 1099s for the bonus.

25MAY $25
50GO28 $50

Free trial of standard pricing program.

coexecwall08 Costco promo $90 bonus Exec, $70 other - need Costco membership #

STOCKGIFT07 25 holiday bonus
As a special holiday incentive, we'll put a $25 bonus into the first custodial account you open this holiday season. Simply create an Automatic Investment Plan by January 15, 2008 and use it to invest at least $25 for three consecutive months. Just use the promotion code STOCKGIFT07 when you open the account.

CSTOCKGIFT07 $55 from Costco for a custodial account - need Costco membership #

HOLIDAY07 or CHILDGIFT $50 from Citizens x01/15/08

HOLIDAY07 or CHILDGIFT $50 from Chevron FCU EXP 1/15/08

HOLIDAY07 or CHILDGIFT $50 from Young Money x 1/15/08

huskeralum45 $45 from Husker Alumni

penfed50 $50 from PenFed x12/31/07

FREETRIAL07 $30 AND 6 free trades from Compass Bank x12/31/07

30ucla $30 from Campus Link UCLA

wisalum45 $45 from Wisconsin Alumni

uagrad45 $45 of Univ of Arizona Alumni

stbank07 $50 from Suntrust

hhoc0707 $50 from Household Bank x 12/31/07

TVSB50 $50
reports: You will receive a $50 account bonus approximately 4 weeks after you have invested at least $50

SHARE25 $25 from Mypoints - if you want points then link through Mypoints website first

student50 $50 Expires 08/31/07 (10/11 appears to still be working)

RMKFREE07 6 free trades - x12/31/07

NASATRADES 6 free trades from NASA FCU x12/31/07

ENTERTAIN40 - EXP 12/31/07

coexecwall07 $55 costco cash for costco memebers get 10 or 25% off on trans fees

Continental One Pass

Alaskan Airlines/HorizonAir Up To 10,000 Bonus Miles

Delta Skymiles

USAirways Dividend Miles

Hawaiian Miles

to enter Promo Codes:

How it works:
1. Open account through e.bates (Get $20 from e.bates)
2. Chose the "free trial" for the Standard Plan (If you don't see this offered, choose the basic plan*)
3. Receive email that the promotion code was accepted.
4. Fund account (use only $3 if you have the free trial or $5 for basic)
*** UPDATE: in order to get the e.bates bonus, you need to fund with at least $20! (still only make the minimum investment and withdraw the rest later)***
5. Make a minimum investment ($3 for standard; $5 for basic-includes $4 fee)
6. Switch from Standard Plan to Basic Plan* (if you don't it will cost $12) Skip this step if you already have the Basic Plan
7. Receive email saying you qualified for the promotion.
8. Wait 4 - 6 weeks for the bonus money!

Expired Codes:
smfall50 Sallie Mae
buy300tech50 $50 from Buy.com x1/31/07
NCGIFT06 $50 Gift Card from exp 1/15/2007
BBTGIFT06 Expires 1/15/07
ENTHOLIDAY expires 01/15/2007 (won't work with IRAs)
NY4 Expires 6/30/06
FREEGUIDE30 Expires 6/30/06
MILITARY30 Expires 6/30/06
FREETRADES5 - Expired 5/31/2006
GIFT40 - 5/10/06 says expired
COMPASS5006 $50 from Compass Bank x 12/31/2006
SHAREBUILD25 - Expires 12/31/06
SBGIFT30 - Expires 12/31/06
ENTERTAIN50 $50 - Expires 12/31/2006
ENTERTAIN30 $30 - Expires 12/31/2006
ISK40 $40 1 year of Money Magazine - Expires 12/31/06
SMEAUG50 - Sallie Mae (linkless) Expires 9/30/2006
FREEGUIDEPAT , expires 12/30/06
share50 $50 exp 12/31/06
cexsomem1206 costco cash card for memebers get 10-25% off trans fees. x12/31/06
IPLANGIFT - must enter through link DEAD as of 6/20/07
higher50 $25 ShareBuilder account bonus and $25 OneAccount credit expires 3/31/07
onepass25 Dead as of 6/20/07
25BONUS dead as of 6/20/07
ufalumni45 $45 from University of FL Alumni dead as of 6/20/07
uwalumni45 $45 from Wisconsin Alumni dead as of 6/20/07
FREEGUIDE40 dead as of 6/20/07
PEOPLE30: dead as of 6/20/07
CAMPUS50 dead as of 6/20/07
FOLLETT50 dead as of 6/20/07
EQREWARDS30 dead as of 6/20/07
hhecare5007 $50 exp 6/30/07
25FIPPB $25 from Christian Community CU x 12/31/06

Choice from BECU:
GAS30 $30 gas card from BECU X 10/31/07
GROCERIES30 $30 in groceries from BECU X 10/31/07
MOVIES30 $30 in the form of 2 movie passes and $10 for snacks from BECU X 10/31/07
ACCTBONUS30 $30 from BECU X 10/31/07

same as above but from Virginia Credit Union
same as above but from RMK Financial
same as above but from PSECU

Other sites w/ promo codes
12/15/05 2:52 PM
COSTCO members can get an account bonus through sharebuilder.

12/15/05 3:34 PM
I have a question: Can one person get multiple bonuses by opening mulitple accounts?

For example: If I got the $50 IPLANGIFT bonus, can I open a new account and get the $40 holiday bonus?

Also: $30 Compass Bank bonus
12/15/05 3:43 PM
jeepbrew said:

I have a question: Can one person get multiple bonuses by opening mulitple accounts?

For example: If I got the $50 IPLANGIFT bonus, can I open a new account and get the $40 holiday bonus?[/L]

Sharebuilder crackdown?

Thanks to NoMorePay for finding the $40 gift card and $30 Holiday cash bonus offers posted in the quick summary.
12/16/05 8:43 PM
$50 code in ENTERTAIN50 from entertainment book good till 1/26/06
12/17/05 12:58 AM
2tiger said:

$50 code in ENTERTAIN50 from entertainment book good till 1/26/06

Could you provide a link for entering the above code, please? Thanks!
12/17/05 2:04 AM
2tiger said:

$50 code in ENTERTAIN50 from entertainment book good till 1/26/06

thx for the post! might have to finally sign up with this company for $45 out the door profit (5.00 for stock purchase/transaction fees)
12/17/05 7:56 PM
OK I'm clueless about how sharebuider works.I signed up with the enertainment code for the $50 bonus.I chose the plan Standard - FREE Trial Investing Program get 6 trades free. I put $20 in IMAX and $25 in Disney-I authorized these as non recurring one time payments. I plan on switching to the Basic program to avoid monthly fees.So how does the bonus work?Does it get creditted to my account?
12/17/05 9:45 PM
I signed up with the 50 bonus and deposited 250. Then a few days after signing up I got an email about like account problems. Basically they want me to fax them all sorts of stuff. They said if I don't do it, they just close the account and refund the amount it was funded with. The stock i bought isn't doing so good and other places look to have alot better fees so I'm just gonna let it cancel and refund my 250. There's no potential problem with this right?
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