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Citibank: Open a regular checking, get $100. Link to a citi credit card and pay it with the checking, get $100 more

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1/25/06 7:31 PM
I got this offer today in the mail. Open a regular checking and get $100 after 120 days if account is in good standing. Link the checking account to a citi credit card and pay the bill by transferring funds and get another $100 after 90 days.<br><br>Offer not valid to existing customers.<br>Call 1-866-810-9040, offer code MVR3<br><br>This seems like a pretty easy way to get $200. I thought I should share.<br><br>Pete<br><br>Edit: <a target="_new" href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&url=http://i1.tinypic.com/mkyw68.jpgv">Scan of Offer</a><br>Edit 2: <a target="_new" href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&url=http://i1.tinypic.com/ml1f92.jpg">Back with terms</a>
1/25/06 7:31 PM
<b><font color=white style="background-color: #3E3E3E;">Warning: Citibank denies MVR3 promotion for no reason! They will screw you out of your $200!</font ft><br><br>Who wants to start a class action lawsuit? Following members were ripped off by Citi:</b><br><br>soupcxan<br>kevinimf - received bonus 7/10<br>FatFreddie - received $200 bonus 6/27, opened 2/2, paid CC 2/16.<br>masar1- received bonus 6/26, acct opened 2/8<br>mia123<br>thejdog<br>og5<br>wonjiman - received bonus 6/27, account opened 1/31/06<br>jonblaze36 - received bonus 6/29, account opened 2/13/06<br>bksavings - received bonus 7/26, account opened 3/6/06<br><br><b>We want the $200 that was promised to us! Blatant false advertising and deception from Citi! I suggest that anyone affected by this contact:<br><br>- Your state's Attorney General's office (<a target="_new" href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&url=http://www.naag.org/">find it here</a><br>- <a target="_new" href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&url=http://www.occ.treas.gov/">Office of the Comptroller of the Currency</a> (Citi is a nationally chartered bank)<br>- <a target="_new" href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&url=http://www.bbb.org/">Better Business Bureau</a><br></b><br><br><br>Regardless of what the Citi reps say, because they really don't know....<br><b>THEY WILL PULL A HARD ON YOUR CREDIT!</b><br><br>Offer reported by FWs to have been extended until 4/24
1/25/06 7:39 PM
Is this a B&M only?
1/25/06 7:44 PM
Any idea if the AT&T card would qualify?
1/25/06 8:02 PM
Does it matter which checking account we open?
1/25/06 8:07 PM
It says open a Citibank Regular Checking. It does not specifically identify any citicards. I assume you can call in and use the offer number in my op. The offer card is very vague. I can scan it if someone can host it. I says it expires 3/3/06.
1/25/06 8:18 PM
Offer code does not work!
1/25/06 8:40 PM
I can scan it to show you the code.
1/25/06 8:55 PM
host it here: tinypic.com<br><br>---<br><br>do you have to live in certain states to be able to open Citi checking?
1/25/06 10:08 PM
could you please scan the restriction terms too? Is it for new customer?<br>I'm not a existing customer, but was an old customer who closed accounts.<br>wonder whether I qualify.<br>
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