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Citi PremierPass Elite w/ 25000 TY points

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5/11/07 5:58 AM
I was logging into my Citibank card online at www.citicards.com and noticed on the offers that cycle through (the 2nd offer) that they are offering the PremierPass card with a 25000 bonus, and 15 month BT (has 3%/$250 cap fee). Note it has a $75 annual fee. This still is a pretty good deal to get 25000 TY points, especially if you can find a way to avoid the annual fee. Originally link was not working but is working now.
5/11/07 5:58 AM
5/11/07 9:55 AM
i got the same thing maybe they will fix it so i can get in on it. thanks op i never would have noticed even though i use that site daily.
5/11/07 10:07 AM
Holy crap, 25k TY points and a 0% deal? That's pretty hot. Beats up on the short-lived Chase Freedom deal. Wonder if I can get the offer to show up right on my web browser.

Edit: okay, at this moment, it looks like citibank needs to get their site figured out:
(Edit 2: looks like it's fixed, the promo link works)

Here is the link page to one of the working offers:

Here is the link to the busted PPE app:

Changing the numbers gets you to other random offers, but I didn't see a working PPE link.
5/11/07 10:39 AM
Just got off the phone with citi, they see the problem, should be fixed in next 2 hours. i pushed them to make a note for my name that i do get the offer even if not avaliable later. they took down my name and social address. lets see
5/11/07 11:05 AM

Just got the discosure up on my computer. $75 annual fee and 3%/$250 cap BT fee. I'll pass on this unless something chages.
5/11/07 11:41 AM
Its up and working.
ok deal. dont forget theres 75.00 annual fee. Citi is tuff on waving it even if you cancel card shortly. but you still get 175.00 worth bonus thru TY network.
5/11/07 12:20 PM
Well, I can see two uses for this card:

1) Bonus point-whoring.
2) The mother of all balance transfers. With a sufficiently large transfer, the extra 3 months on the 15 month transfer could be nice.

I'm pretty sure it's going to find it's way into my next AOR though!
5/11/07 2:45 PM
Thanks OP
5/11/07 2:49 PM
The annual fee every year is too much..but still better than the 15k TY points regular deal. worth applying.
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