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Capital One No Hassle Cash Rewards now offers $50 credit after first purchase

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7/14/07 12:26 AM

The feature I like the most are:

-1.25% CashBack everything
-no international transaction fee
7/14/07 12:26 AM

1% regular
.25% bonus will be applied on acct 1 or 2 billing cycles from Nov1

acct is NOT set up for automatic redemption. you have to call their rewards # (800 228-3001) to manually redeem any amount, or setup automatic redemption at $25 increments.

the rewards 800 # is different from their main CSR # on the back of the card. the csr will just xfer you to that #.
7/14/07 11:43 AM
1% Cash Back
25% bonus on Cash Back at end of year
Request rewards anytime.
No limit on cash rewards.
13.81 variable APR.

This would be hot if it also had 0% APR for 1 year. Otherwise you are better off with a 0% card and putting that money you would of paid to credit card back in a high yield savings account and get 5%+ interest
7/14/07 6:44 PM
Since Capone doesn't have 0% deals for their non-targeted offers, this is pretty hot. Wish I knew about it for my AOR.
7/15/07 2:00 AM
StudentID said:

no international transaction fee

This may encourage me to apply for one. I think capital one is the only major CC issuer that doesn't charge international transaction fee.
7/15/07 2:03 AM
I was looking at the credit pulls database on creditboards and some people say that they pull from all 3. May want to keep this in mind if you are thinking about this card.
7/15/07 5:10 AM
I can vouch that CapitalOne pulled from all three when I applied for my no hassle cash card last august.

It was still worth it for me, as I spend $2-3k a month in business expenses (mostly hotel) on this card.
7/15/07 11:57 PM
StudentID said:


The feature I like the most are:

-1.25% CashBack everything
-no international transaction fee

got instant approval! cool!

my 1st general rewards card over 1%. (discover wil be my other card in my wallet for 5% gas.)
7/16/07 2:10 AM
Question: Does Capital One report the credit line on this card?

Sounds like a good deal otherwise. Thanks in advance.
7/16/07 2:46 AM
My stand is that if you really need a Cap1 card, go for it. If not, a $16.66 gain per hard pull is not worth it (let alone the fact that the EXP one will stay there for 2 years for sure).
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