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ING Direct - Electric Orange MC Debit Card Account Sign Up Bonus $50

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5/19/09 1:17 PM
Not the hottest deal but nice if you only have a savings account with ING. A signature based transaction is any transaction that does not require the PIN.

"Open your account by May 31, 2009 and use your Debit MasterCard« to make 3 signature-based transactions within the first 45 days. On day 50, we'll put $50 in your account. Visit www.ingdirect.com/electric50 to learn more. Don't forget to enter Reference Code EM258 to be eligible for the $50." you'll need to use the link to use EM258. You may need to have an existing account.
5/19/09 1:17 PM
Open your account by July 15, 2009 and enter Reference Code EM287 to be eligible for the $50.
5/19/09 1:43 PM
Hard pull?
5/19/09 1:52 PM
oopsz said:

Hard pull?

Yes - at least, for me.

Opened this account about a year ago. Very convenient for me since they'll send paper checks for free, although the low interest on ING savings is a buzzkill.
5/19/09 1:58 PM
They sent me an email and offer only $25 bonus to open a new account.
5/19/09 2:18 PM
Be careful...I had to call them in order to get the bonus deposited in my account for this. ING Direct is a sneaky bunch of people...
5/19/09 2:19 PM
Thanks OP. Had been waiting for one of these.
5/19/09 2:37 PM
Thanks OP. Great for existing account holder...
5/19/09 3:03 PM
$50 for a hard inquiry doesn't seem worth it to me, considering bumping and choppage is a factor now with AOR's...personally I'd rather save my inq's for the AOR's which are more profitable.
5/19/09 8:52 PM
is there any minimum balance required for this account
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