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Windows Media Center for Windows 8 Pro

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10/26/12 3:23 PM
Still have not goten mine and I have put in 3 different email addresses....WTF...

and man, that is a old picture of media center !!!
10/26/12 3:42 PM
I'm frustrated too, David. I know Microsoft sees us as an insignificant minority (who use Media Center), but why needlessly create disgruntled customers. I would have been willing to pay more to get WMC, since I use it daily to record "free" TV. Instead, I'm looking for alternatives.
10/26/12 5:16 PM
Still waiting for my codes too. Sounds like they do come through; I just have to learn a little patience...
10/27/12 12:36 AM
I got my code today, Thanks OP
10/27/12 9:53 AM
Got the code. Despite what the email says, the same code can be used to activate MCE on multiple PC.

Edit: upon activating the 3rd PC, it says "this product key is already being used on another PC".
10/29/12 5:47 AM
Nice find. It is a shame the FCC has allowed all channels to now be encrypted so the free OTA will be gone soon too.

If only WMC would integrate with my DirecTV, I would be in heaven.
11/5/12 11:51 AM
Got It... thanks
12/24/12 12:19 PM
I bought three Windows 8 Pro upgrades for three of my machines. But I could get only two Media Center codes, when I tried for the third I am getting the error message:

"We couldn't process your order."
12/24/12 1:16 PM
When I enter my email and click send, I get an error message, " We couldn't process your order."

12/24/12 1:24 PM
Same error message for me today too. Also, if you have multiple computers, you will need to provide a different email address for each.
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