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Windows 7 Professional Upgrade $29.99 (.edu email required)

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4/1/11 10:23 PM
Microsoft is having a limited time sale for students on Windows 7 Professional at $29.99 starting today!


A valid .edu email address required to claim your copy.

If you have any issues with the link then try this one:
click me

See if you qualify

Article from PCMag
4/1/11 10:23 PM
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4/1/11 10:41 PM
This is UPGRADE!!! OP, please indicate this in your title.
4/1/11 10:47 PM
great deal. been waiting for Pro at this price since the last time Digital River ran this promotion, seems like almost 2 years ago. Thanks OP!

fwiw, I never had any problems doing full/clean installs/activations from the Digital River 'Upgrade' ISO files.

FatWallet Thread from last time with direct 32-bit & 64-bit ISO download links and installation instructions including how to install/activate this as a Full Version of Windows 7.

You can also purchase a 32-bit key and a 64-bit key using the same .edu e-mail address. A 32-bit key can be used to install the 64-bit version, and vice-versa.
4/1/11 10:49 PM
Sweet in - and upgrade = double install.
4/1/11 10:54 PM
is this just an upgrade? or i can use it to install it on my mac? thanks
4/1/11 10:55 PM
upgrade from ???
4/1/11 10:58 PM
upgrade from windows 7 home
4/1/11 10:59 PM
"4.Add Back-up media to your order (optional)"

how much??
4/1/11 11:07 PM
You can upgrade from Windows XP or Vista according to the terms.

3. Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional Upgrade (USD$29.99*): Perpetual license, which includes the following application:

* Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional Upgrade*

*You must be a licensed user of one of the following products to be eligible for purchase of Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional Upgrade License.

Qualifying Operating System for purchase of Windows Upgrade License

Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)
Business (N, K, KN) / NOTE: “N”, “K”, and “KN” are specialized editions available for certain markets
Business Blade PC Edition
Home Premium
Home Basic

Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit)
XP Professional
XP Tablet PC Edition
XP Pro N
XP Pro Blade PC Edition
XP Home Edition
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