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Free Museum Day Tickets for two people. (Also Free Entrance Day in the National Parks)

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7/7/11 3:18 PM
Sharkdiver49 said:   

The confirm email still hasn't arrived. It's been 24 hours at least already...

For some reason hotmail blocks the confirmation email completely and it doesn't even show up in junk folder (confirmed with 2 different hotmail accounts). After registering with a yahoo mail I received the confirmation on the spot.
I also blew another promotion because of hotmail...

EDIT: It is probably saveology that messed up the order, not hotmail... there is no history of any order in my account there
7/8/11 3:38 AM
9/20/11 12:27 PM
bump. this is this saturday!
9/20/11 12:53 PM
Thank you.......
9/26/11 5:08 PM
Filoli was on the list of the free museum day. When I went there the clerk told me that it was an error and will not be honoring them for free museum entry. What a bummer!
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