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JCPenney 38% Off any Item using Gift Card & cashback i.e. Qn Pleather Black or Brown Bed w/headboard - $233.03

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9/13/12 2:13 PM

Queen Black Platform BedItem # FC790-3020F

What to do when you want something not on sale and have no coupon codes............
Original Price : $350.00
Shipping: FREE (Code JCPSHIP)
Tax: $24.50
Total: $374.50

Purchase 2 JCP gift cards @ cardpool.com - 28% off value!
Gift card for $295.11 - paid $212.47
Gift card for $75.58 - paid $54.41
So $370.69 gift cards for $266.88

Since you can pay for your whole order with your gift cards itís like you get 28% off the tax too, that makes me feel like Iím getting away with something! Ha ha! Please take note I believe you can only use 2 gift cards when ordering online. I also bought digital gift cards, they come sooner and I purchase just about everything online to qualify for CashBack. It took approximately 4.5 hours to receive my digital gift cards via email.

So in the end:
Cost of Gift cards: $266.88
Balance due to JCP: + $3.81
Total paid: $270.69
shopathome.com 10% CashBack - $35.00
(good til 9/16)
Discover CashBack purchase of cards - $2.66
WHEW! Final Total: $233.03

Sooooooo......saved $141.47, definitely worth the trouble of figuring all this out!
This will work on any item, Iím just posting a sample of what I purchased.

Just a note: Iíve also ordered these gift cards from American Eagle and Victoria Secret in digital format and have had no problems using them. I pick out everything I want to buy, use my coupon codes, etc. to get my final price and then buy the gift card that comes closest to matching that amount. My American Eagle card came the next day and my VS card came in a few hours. Iíve also ordered the store gift card for JCP that they mail to you and that only took a few days.
9/13/12 2:13 PM
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