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Shop Discover 15% Petmart/Petco 10% CASHBACK at Home Depot/Sears-LandsEnd-Kmart/Kohls/Macys/Walgreens

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11/15/12 9:34 AM

all offers STACK with the 5% online shopping bonus if you're signed up for it (up to $1500 spend)
11/15/12 9:34 AM
Discover [ image/jpeg - 3.06kB ]
11/15/12 1:05 PM
game changer
11/15/12 1:07 PM
I wish discover credits CashBack as quick as other CC and/or FW
11/15/12 5:03 PM
Doua said:   

I wish discover credits CashBack as quick as other CC and/or FW

I just wish they itemized it on your statement so you could see when it hits. I got some big ones coming in the next couple cycles here, but some of the smaller ones are harder to track when they just lump it together. At least I got a "You got CashBack" email for the last couple, from Vision Direct and Petco. I bought from Lands End and Banana Republic last night, so we'll see about those.

I also had an issue with a large Brooks Brothers order not getting credited at all, but once I called it in they went about fixing it. It just took like 15 weeks from the purchase for it to finally show itself.
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