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Apple MacBook Air (MC968LL/A)- Intel Core i5 (1.6GHz), 11" LED Backlit Display, 2GB, 64GB - $699.9 - PCConnection

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11/25/12 2:57 AM
$699.99 + 13 Approx Ship + Tax If Applicable
Specifications [ image/png - 54.53kB ]
Moderator Comment: Thank you for participating in the forums. However, this topic has been covered in a recent post Here. — Dec. 1, 2012 @ 4:15am
11/25/12 2:57 AM
Apple MacBook Air [ image/png - 22.75kB ]
11/25/12 3:22 AM
i know the ram isn't upgradable, but does anyone know if the hd is?
11/25/12 3:58 AM
derekmiyamoto said:   

i know the ram isn't upgradable, but does anyone know if the hd is?

Yes, but I think OWC is the only vendor that is selling them. Here's their SSDs. They probably cost about twice as much as you might be able to find a similar size SATA SSD for here (ie $180 for 120GB or $320 for 240GB). But they're most likely good quality, and also more expensive to manufacture to a custom spec. Hopefully they'll get more competition.

I'd be extremely hesitant about the 2GB of memory though. It might be okay for a machine for basic web and office tasks, but future versions of OS X and other software will probably be more demanding.
11/25/12 10:11 AM
FYI, this is a 2011 model, not 2012.
11/25/12 10:29 AM
Do yourself a favor and do not spend $700 on old technology.
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