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Free Lumia 920 and making $50+ @ Walmart with 2 yr ATT contract

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11/25/12 5:22 PM
WalMart has Lumia 920 (yellow) for $49.99 with 2 yr ATT contract, new or renew. Shipping is Free. You will get a $100 WalMart giftcard. So, you are getting a free Lumia 920 and making $50! For some states, there is no tax (I'm in WA, and there is no tax charged, even there are WalMart all over the place!)

Other color also available for $69.99 with the same condition. So, you can make $30 if you go with white, red, cyan or black.

Some color of the phones are on back order, so shipping date is unknown.

Save 5% + 5% more when you use shopdiscover or FatWallet Cash Back and pay with a discover card. YMMV.

Seems to me it's the best deal out there if you are in the market for a Lumia 920.

11/25/12 5:23 PM
Lumia 920 (yellow) [ image/jpeg - 24.07kB ]
11/25/12 5:45 PM
I think contract kills the deal.
11/25/12 5:55 PM
woomanhei said:   

I think contract kills the deal.

Seriously. You aren't really "making $50" when you have to continue to pay monthly (unless you were planning to buy and are under contract already).
Not a good deal for probably 99% of readers.
11/25/12 5:56 PM
No money maker here! Move along...
11/25/12 6:07 PM
Not true all the time. I pay 1k shared minutes and unlimited webaccess (4G speed, not 3G) in two phones from Tmobile for $100. Compared to any other carrier, I do not see anyone can beat it. New 2 year contract with two free phones that costs $600 in open market is a no brainier for me.
11/25/12 6:22 PM
woomanhei said:   

I think contract kills the deal.

I dunno...my math says that this deal makes the phone cost $371 if you want to break the contract, pay the ETF, and take it to a provider like Straight Talk. That's a pretty good deal on the phone!

My math:

-$100 -> Gift Card
$50-> Cost of Phone (plus tax)
$36-> Activation Fee
$60-> One month of the cheapest service w/ data
$325-> ETF

Edit: Nevermind: fine print on the gift card states, "eGift card to be emailed on or before 1/18/2013. Service must remain active and in good standing as of 1/14/2013 to qualify."
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