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Get $10 To Spend At The MLB Shop From Wrapp On Facebook!

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12/13/12 12:29 AM
Get $10 To Spend At The MLB Shop From Wrapp On Facebook!

$10 Offer Link

Once you get your $10 promo code you can shop at shop.mlb.com

Shipping is free if you have Shoprunner.
12/13/12 12:29 AM
$10 To Spend [ image/png - 64.77kB ]
12/13/12 7:02 AM
Thanks OP! Picked up a Washington Nationals T-shirt for my Dad for $4.97 with free Shoprunner shipping !
12/13/12 8:22 AM
Works on closeout merch. Got a cap for $1.97 shipped with $10 off and Shoprunner. This is a smokin' deal! Thanks OP!
12/19/12 10:25 PM
So I tried to use this tonight, and it turns out it's not a gift card as they claim, but a $10 off coupon. It does not work with the 25% off promotion currently going on. Not happy.
12/19/12 10:31 PM
a day after I placed my order, I got a notice that the item was no longer in stock. felt kind of like a bait & switch.
12/19/12 11:39 PM
Hmm, won't work on a very large number of items. Every time i find something i want it won't work, or they charge me shipping, or both.
12/20/12 12:02 AM
Finally found something to get, the Boys Bath set for $4.99. Should make a great gift for one of my son's friends who i did'nt know what to get anyway.
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