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Very interested in the valentines day deal tickets. Hoping to buy them tonight via online


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Cedar Fair responds to OSHA Safety Citation 
By Jared Shelly 
Philadelphia Business Journal
January 29, 2015.

The parent company for Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom has issued a response to claims that they exposed its workforce — many of whom are teenagers — to heat hazards this summer. In December, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Cedar Fair LP (the operators of the park) after investigating an incident in which a teen worker collapsed near a fryer and sustained burns."Dorney Park follows all recommended guidelines and procedures as set forth by OHSA," the company said in a statement. "All of our seasonal associates go through extensive training in orientation which includes the Heat Illness Prevention Program. We take great pride in creating a safe working environment by educating our valued employees on how to recognize the signs of any heat related illness and arm them with the knowledge of when to take frequent water breaks plus shaded breaks. Safety is at the heart of everything we do and we will continue to partner with the Allentown OSHA office to ensure the best day of summer for our guests and our employees."OSHA cited Cedar Fair for "failure to develop and implement procedures for protecting employees while they worked outdoors in direct sunlight and in small food stands where heat sources exist," said a statement from the Department of Labor.The company faces a $7,000 fine. It also faces an additional record-keeping violation that comes with a $2,000 penalty.


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Send in your payment by April 15, 2015 and Cedar Point will include FREE Cedar Point tickets with your original paid order. Free tickets are valid any one day before Labor Day, September 7, 2015. Free tickets are based on your original paid order only; additional tickets purchased for the same group do not qualify for free tickets. Free shipping of your purchased tickets.   Click here to book your One Day trip to Cedar Point online, Call Cedar Point at 1-800-448-2428, option 1 for group tickets,  Overnight packages call 419-609-5669 

Pay For Receive
15-24 tickets 1 Free Ticket
25-49 tickets 2 Free Tickets
50-74 tickets 3 Free tickets
75 or more tickets 4 Free tickets

 Grad Nite @ Cedar Point
Friday, May 29, 2015 
Friday, June 12, 2015

Join us for a night of celebration as the Class of 2015 comes together for one big party at The Roller Coaster Capital of the World! Seniors will get exclusive ride time on many of Cedar Point’s thrilling rides and world-class coasters, enjoy an after-hours party, games and more! This exclusive seniors-only event will begin after the park closes and last until 2:00AM.

All-day admission, including Grad Nite..............$60.00
After 6:00PM admission, including Grad Nite.....$45.00

Special Offer - Book your Senior Class for either Grad Nite Admission package by Friday, May 1st and receive FREE drink wristbands for your group’s visit!

Overnight StayThere’s no reason to head home once the party is over. Spend the night at Cedar Point and roll your admission and overnight accommodations into one low price. Overnight packages start out at just $83.00 per person! 

Click here for more information on our overnight packages.Downloads/Policies/FAQ
Bus Driver and Parking Information 
Payment Information 

Book Now Click here to book your senior class trip to Grad Nite, or call us at 800-448-2428, option 1.


Maverick will be receiving new Intimator-305 restraints making it a better ride improvement. Rides: Dodgem, and Colypso will be moved to Wicked Twister midway to make room for a new dive coaster in 2016 that will have 4 inversions. Colypso will be renamed "Tiki Twirl". Jr. Dodgem is being moved to Planet Snoopy. Rides: Chevy's Turnpike Cars, Sir Rub Dub & Cedar Point Good Time Theater have been demolished. Rougarou will have a first rider auction, a season pass preview will be available soon, along with media day being members of the media only. Some of the 600 participants got to sit in the new Rougarou trains today. Hotel Breakers will be fully remodeled in time for the May 2015 Season. Cedar Point will have a new candy theme restaurant near Snoopy Boutique. Cedar Point raised $27,000 dollars for "Give Kids The World Village" located in Florida,

Cedar Point Winter Chill Out 2015: Theme Park News Update #15 
Video By: Coaster Studios



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FRIDAY, MAY 08, 2015 - 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

NEW! Calling all Season and Platinum Passholders! It's YOUR night! 

During this event, get the first public rides on Rougarou, see the exciting new changes in the park and enjoy select food & merchandise throughout the park.

The RidesRides scheduled to be open* include:

  • Rougarou
  • Millennium Force
  • Power Tower
  • GateKeeper
  • Magnum XL-200
  • Raptor
  • Planet Snoopy
  • Tiki Twirl
  • Dodgem
  • Troika
  • maXair
  • Giant Wheel
  • WindSeeker

*Rides may close due to inclement weather or maintenance conditions. Not all rides or areas of the park will be open for this event.
Admission: This event is open to all 2015 Season & Platinum Passholders only. All admission gates will be open to welcome you. Parking is FREE for this event.
Food and merchandise are not included with admission, but will be available for purchase at select locations. Gates will open at 7 p.m. Early Entry is not valid for this event. All park rules, policies and procedures will be in place. Schedule, event and ride availability subject to change without notice.  


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Why Should You Follow Tony Clark on Twitter?
By - Jordan Smith - CP Rundown.com  

Tony Clark is the Director of Communications at Cedar Point, and you should follow him on Twitter. Why, you ask? Because by doing so, you will get to enjoy many more benefits of the park that non-followers of Tony Clark do not get to participate in. The most popular, of course, are tweet-ups.Tweet-ups work like this: all throughout the operating season, sometimes at random and sometimes planned, Tony will tweet a time and location where followers must find him or another park employee in the park. Those who find him in the time given will receive a prize such as line skippies, commemorative coins, and even free food vouchers. There is one simple rule to keep in mind while playing this game…absolutely NO RUNNING IN THE PARK. This will disqualify you from the game.

Not only does Tony Clark use Twitter to organize tweet-ups, but from time to time he will tweet exclusive park updates both during the operating season and when the park is closed in the winter. During the operating season, you may exclusively find out from Tony the weather conditions that may affect which rides will be open or closed for the day. You may even be the first to find out about exclusive Cedar Point contests that you surely won’t want to miss out on. During the off-season, you will get to see pictures of the park during the winter and hear about the latest construction updates throughout the park.Enjoy reading the blogs on Cedar Point’s websites? Do you find it thrilling to watch new PointCasts on Cedar Point’s YouTube channel? Be the first to find out when new blogs and videos are released from Cedar Point just by following Tony Clark on Twitter. You may find out about these things in advance before they are posted on Cedar Point’s Facebook page, or even Cedar Point’s website and their YouTube Channel.

So, if you haven’t already done so, head on over to Twitter, and follow Tony Clark (@TonyClarkCP ) on Twitter today!  If these reasons haven’t convinced you to follow Tony Clark on Twitter by now, then how about this? Tony Clark is an asset to the park because he loves interacting with fans and many of his tweets can put a smile on your faces. I know they do for me. If you ever have a quick question regarding the park, feel free to send Tony a tweet. Chances are, if it is a question he can answer for you, he will do so, or even direct you to the appropriate park personnel that may have the answer for you. 


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Be The First To Scream!

Cedar Point Amusement Park First Floorless roller coaster opens on Saturday, May 9. But you have a chance to be the FIRST to tackle its 137 foot first drop, four inversions, twisty track and swampy layout! The Rougarou First Rider Auction is now live - place your bid, and get ready to ride.

Cedar Point Amusement Park is auctioning off seats on two trains (for a total of 64 seats). These seats could be yours as Rougarou takes its first public riders on a howling, 2-minute, 30-second sensory thrill. All proceeds will benefit The LeBron James Family Foundation. Auction ends on Sunday, May 3 at 11:59 p.m. The first public rides will take place at a special event on Friday, May 8 from 5-7 p.m.

Auction Opens:   Monday, March 9, 2015 at 12:00 am
Auction Closes:  Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 11:59 pm


The top bidders (top 64 donations) will receive the following

  • Invitation (for 1 person) to the Rougarou First Rider Auction event on Friday, May 08, 2015 to ride in the seat you bid on
  • (2) Regular, one-day admission tickets to Cedar Point
  • (1) Rougarou First Rider Commemorative Medallion
  • (1) Rougarou ball cap 

The top eight bidders will also receive:

  • (1) rare Nike
    LeBron James St. Vincent-St. Mary High School basketball jersey

Any guest who did not place in the top 64, but did donate at least the minimum $123 bid will receive:

  • Invitation (for 1 person) to the Rougarou First Rider Auction event on Friday, May 8 to ride
  • (1) Rougarou First Rider Commemorative Medallion

Cedar Point will donate 100% of the auction proceeds to the LeBron James Family Foundation, an organization founded by LeBron James that aims to positively affect the lives of children and young adults in the Akron, Ohio area.

Auction participants wishing to bring a friend to the event must bid on an additional seat using the same name for both seats. Guests who place the minimum bid of $123 will be invited to attend the event and will also receive a Rougarou First Rider Commemorative Medallion.  



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My Coke Rewards Flash sale on Cedar Fair tickets 


CEDAR POINT - 2015 Season - Free & Discount Tickets, Bus Charters, Hotels, Videos, Park News/Tips, Jobs, Meals Thread 

However, it's limit one per account. #SUCKS

Valid for one admission to any Cedar Fair park located in the United States  Valid for one admission to any Cedar Fair park located in the United States (Cedar Point, Cedar Point's Soak City, Carowinds, Dorney Park, California's Great America, Kings Dominion, Kings Island, Knott's Berry Farm, Knott's Soak City - Orange County, Michigan's Adventure, Valleyfair, Wildwater Kingdom or Worlds of Fun)  for a single day during regular operating hours thru September 7, 2015. Not valid for upgrade attractions, special ticket or private events, park buyouts or with any other coupon or discount programs. UNAUTHORIZED RESALE OF TICKET(S) IS PROHIBITED (E-Ticket contains a unique barcode valid for one entry to the park. E-Ticket becomes INVALID once scanned & may not be re-used. Unauthorized use, duplication or sale is strictly prohibited & will result in revocation without refund/replacement and ejection of the person attempting to enter.)

Just follow these instructions so you can get your Reward:

Please check your email to find your digital code.

1 . Take digital code to www.cfparkrewards.com 
2. Scroll through the parks highlighted to desired park. Click on Park's image.
3. Identify the MCR ticket type you redeemed. (If you select the incorrect ticket type, code will not be accepted.) If you plan to redeem more than one 1-day ticket code, enter the quantity in the Qty box. Click ""Buy Now"".
4. Copy & paste digital code in the space provided. To redeem multiple 1-day ticket codes, click ""next"" to enter next code. Continue until all codes are entered. You may add up to 10 1-day tickets to cart using 10 separate codes. You may not place more than one MCR 2 Pack or MCR 4 Pack in your cart.
5. After entering valid code(s), click 'Secure Checkout'
6. Click 'Continue'
7. Enter your contact information -Note: while tab says ""credit card info,"" you are not required to enter credit card #.
8. Click 'Continue'
9. Enter names of person(s) going to the Park. Click ""Print Tickets""
10. Print E-Ticket(s)
11. You will receive email confirmation including a link for ticket reprint, if necessary.

Once at the park:
• Present original E-Ticket at any entry gate. Photo ID may be required to validate.
• In the event that a duplicate ticket appears, the Park reserves the right to refuse entry to all ticket holders.  

CEDAR POINT - 2015 Season - Free & Discount Tickets, Bus Charters, Hotels, Videos, Park News/Tips, Jobs, Meals Thread

By OnPoint - Cedar Point Amusement Park Blog

I have something to show you today.  Fresh from our Planning & Design Department's art team, we have our 2015 Tweetup souvenir coin design. And here it is at LEFT of screen. The back is on the left, front on the right. If you want to share, please link to this post for proper credit.  A quick refresh of how this works. Only 500 of these special coins are made each season. The coin number you win is etched on the side.  Follow me on Twitter when you're at the park. I'll randomly hang out at a location and ask you to meet me there and show me the Tweet. Show it, and you can win great stuff like front-of-the-line passes, SlingShot passes and of course, the souvenir coin. You cannot buy the coin in stores - you can only win it via my Twitter handle (Located at bottom of page)

To read up on the rules so you can prepare yourself, click here

The design will now go to the top secret manufacturer and be in our hands by Opening Day to give to you! Giveaways last the entire season, Opening Day till Closing Day. 

  Cedar Point Twitter Meet-Up & Rules (Inside Park Contest)     Tony Clark's Twitter Account: @TonyClarkCPr  

​To go back to the Cedar Point 2015 Season - Free & Discount Tickets Page Click Here

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