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hi i noticed you posted cedar point is free for military june 15th. where did you find this? i dont see that on their site or anywhere

Cedar Point loses more than $1 million after weekend closure 

SANDUSKY — The Saturday and Sunday shutdown of Cedar Point due to a break in a city water line that serves the park cost the well-known attraction between $1 million and $1.75 million, spokesman Dennis Spiegel said. Spiegel is president of International Theme Park Services Inc., a Cincinnati-based company that provides consulting, development and management services for amusement and theme parks in the U.S. and globally. The park’s losses for the weekend included admissions as well as purchases of food and merchandise and money paid for parking, Spiegel said.  “On a busy day at the peak of the season, parks the size of Cedar Point and Kings Island can do well over $1 million a day in business,” Spiegel said. The timing of the park’s sudden closing couldn’t have been worse. “Schools have just let out and vacations are starting and people are on the road,” Spiegel said.He surmised that Cedar Fair, the Sandusky-based partnership that operates Cedar Point as well as other amusement and water parks, may have insurance that covers so-called “business interruptions” that close parks due to weather, power outages or in this case, a water line break. Cedar Point public relations manager Bryan Edwards could not be reached Tuesday. Cedar Point and its Soak City water park reopened Monday after Sandusky city crews repaired the water line. While amusement parks are not at fault in such emergencies, it is nonetheless tough to explain to thousands of people — including out-of-state visitors — that they have to be turned away at the gate. Crowds likely would have been large Saturday due to picture-perfect weather, while Sunday’s rainy conditions didn’t clear up until mid-afternoon.  Calling Cedar Fair a “world-class company,” Spiegel said it did the right thing by issuing free Soak City tickets good through Sept. 1 when a discounted one-day Cedar Point ticket is purchased by Sunday. The ticket offer, available only online, also requires the Cedar Point ticket to be used by Sunday.  “That’s exactly what they would do and should do from a guest satisfaction standpoint,” Spiegel said of the ticket deal. Over the course of a summer, Cedar Point and Kings Island can typically do $140 million in business, Spiegel said. In terms of making money, theme parks “are better than a great casino any time,”

Spiegel said.Contact Steve Fogarty at 329-7146 or sfogarty@chroniclet.com.

Before you had not only a Lacrossee package but a Lacrosse discount for just tickets… I don't see that anymore… I was going to use that to purchase 2 adult tickets for Monday 6/16 the rate you had listed for that deal was $35 each.

bethfisher, I sent you a message with the info.   For some reason it isn't allowed here.

BigBoyMichigan : can you put it up as a single ticket yet?

$179.96 OFF - Great Cedar Point Lacrosse Package - **Now Expired**

Is Cedar Point Cursed? Theme Park Faces Week from Hell
Chicago Now Newspaper
By Christine, June 12, 2014 at 1:05 pm
I usually have a hard time feeling sorry for vacation destinations that pull in millions of dollars a weekend, but I honestly feel bad for Cedar Point this week. A combination of odd events has left the park facing probably its worst week ever.For a little background, Cedar Point is one of the most popular vacation destinations for the Midwest. Located in Sandusky, Ohio the park sits on a peninsula surrounded by Lake Erie. The park has several hotels and a campground, along with restaurants, on the peninsula making it an excellent resort-like vacation spot. Cedar Point is the second oldest amusement park in operation, and it opened in 1870. It is known as the “Rollercoaster Capital of America,” with 16 coasters and the only park in the world that has 4 coasters taller than 200 feet. It also has a waterpark called “Soak City” adjacent to the theme park.The park’s issues started Saturday, June 7, 2014. The weekend started out nice, with good weather and fairly large crowds expected, but about 9:00 am the sunny, beautiful day was interrupted by septic troubles. Being on a peninsula, there is only one way on and off the island for cars, and that holds true for water as well. On that morning, the water main that supplies the peninsula with water broke.Now, this is not the park’s fault- the water main is owned and operated by the city of Sandusky. But, it did cause major problems for the park. Being that it is the only water supply for the peninsula, this meant that the park, the hotels, the waterparks and the restaurants were left without a supply of fresh water. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a quick fix either. After being initially optimistic about returning to normal operations, by 11 am it became apparent that this problem was going to take a while to fix. The park then announced it would be closed until Monday, June 9th.With no water, this meant not only would the theme park close, but the restaurants and hotels had to close as well. The evacuation of the peninsula took hours and left many vacationers unhappy. This particular weekend was also bike weekend for the area, so local hotels were packed already. So, not only did people have to interrupt their vacation by leaving hotel rooms on the peninsula, but they also had to head out of the Sandusky area to find new lodging.The good news is Cedar Point automatically refunded the hotel room charges for the people staying at the hotels during the fiasco, and they offered to honor their Cedar Park tickets any day this season or at two neighboring parks, including Kings Island, roughly a 3.5 hour drive away.While this caused a lot of headaches for the park, it was just the beginning of the woes it has faced this week. On Sunday, 16 employees of the park were arrested for causing a large-scale melee. Police had to break up the fight, and even had to tase one employee THREE times to subdue him. Remember folks, these are the people strapping your kids into the rides and doing safety checks acting in this irresponsible and violent manner.After this violent outbreak, park operations resumed normal activity Monday morning. Monday was a typical day for the park, but Tuesday had its own excitement. Around 4:30 pm on Tuesday, a small plane made an emergency landing on the park’s beachfront. It turns out a duck had hit the plane, breaking its windshield. This prompted the emergency landing on the northern beach near the Magnum XL coaster. No one was hurt in the emergency landing, and the plane did not appear to do any damage to the beach.These weird happenings, all within the span of a week, have many wondering if Six Flags has finally been successful in their attempts to place a curse on Cedar Fair, the company that owns Cedar Point. However, this alleged devious plot may backfire on Six Flags, due to the customer-friendly manner in which Cedar Point has responded to the inconveniences caused to guests of the park. Cedar Point might be licking its wounds while Six Flags Great America launches its Goliath coaster in Gurnee this week, but their customer friendly policies will probably win them more favor in the long run. 

■ FREE TICKETS TO MILITARY MEMBERS: ACTIVE / RETIRED / DISCHARGED ON THESE DATES ONLY: June 15, July 4-6, 2014. $39.99 Discounted Tickets to immediate family members when Military person is present w/ID. Otherwise regular $39.99 military discount applies all other days. Discount applies to active, retired or honorably discharged military personnel and immediate family members. Discount must be purchased in person. Types of Military ID's include: Active Duty ID, Retired Personnel ID, VA Medical System Picture ID OR copy of DD-214 discharge papers (please do not bring the original) along with a photo ID (driver’s license, etc) for confirmation.

My son (US Air Force) went to Cedar Point today, June 15, and asked for the free military ticket. They told him that they had never heard of it. So, he paid and went in. Anyone know if this post was correct?

The "official" page says:

Armed Forces Weekend
07/04/14, 07/05/14, 07/06/14 

need free tickets

I'll take them.

check out the "Cedar Point Free Ticket Offers" on the main page to get them


Cedar Point to mark anniversaries of four signature attractions
By Steve Fogarty
The Chronicle-Telegram Online​

They’ll be serving up cupcakes and cake at Cedar Point during this weekend’s big anniversary of four of the park’s signature roller coasters.Word to the wise: you might want to ride first and eat later.The park’s oldest coaster, the wooden Blue Streak, will observe its 50th anniversary.Opened in 1964, the 78-foot-tall ride is off the park’s main midway where it treats riders to a top speed of 40 mph during a one-minute-and-45-second trip along its classic out-and-back track.“Blue Streak is a coming-of-age coaster,” Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards said. “For many families it was their first ride, and the first coaster you rode when you hit that height requirement.”The ride is near the Raptor, among the world’s first inverted steel roller coasters on which riders are suspended in seats below the track.The green-and-purple Raptor will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, having debuted in 1994.When it opened, Raptor was the tallest (137 feet), longest (3,790 feet) and fastest (57 mph) inverted coaster in the world.Park official also will honor the Cedar Creek Mine Ride, which observes its 45th year in Frontiertown. Opened in 1969, the ride has hosted more than 61 million passengers.While Blue Streak and the Cedar Creek Mine Ride require regular maintenance and replacement of wood, there has never been any significant talk of removing or relocating either one to make way for something bigger, faster or costlier, Edwards said.“They’re as Cedar Point as Cedar Point gets,” Edwards said.The Mine Ride gave more than 2 million rides in the late 1970s, Edwards said. Today, the ride is still carrying 700,000 to 800,000 riders per season.The Magnum XL-200, which remains one of the park’s best-known and biggest roller coasters, will celebrate its 25th anniversary.Opened in 1989 at an estimated cost of $8 million, the 205-foot-tall, 5,106-foot-long steel coaster shattered records for height (first to exceed 200 feet), and speed (72 mph).The still-popular ride gives between 1.6 million to 1.8 million rides a year, according to Edwards, and ranks behind only Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster and Gatekeeper, the 67-mph, winged coaster that seats riders on either side of the track, which opened in 2013.The park also will give a nod to its Camp Snoopy kids’ area, which is 15 years old this season.The anniversary weekend will be marked by a 10:30 a.m. ceremony Saturday in the Blue Streak Plaza, where guests can enjoy free cupcakes and cake.Free 50th anniversary Blue Streak T-shirts and drink tumblers also will be given away while supplies last.The first 500 riders on each roller coaster marking an anniversary also will receive a limited-edition souvenir pin commemorating that particular ride. The pin giveaway begins at 11 a.m. at the exit of each ride.Contact Steve Fogarty at 329-7146 or sfogarty@chroniclet.com. 

Cedar Point's Gemini Rollercoaster stopped on tracks, train filled mainly with kids 
By Tracy Carloss
ABC news channel 5   June 18, 2014

SANDUSKY, Ohio - Cedar Point's Gemini Roller Coaster was stopped on the tracks for about 30 minutes Tuesday evening.Bridget Sloan,6, 8-year-old Molly Sloan, 10-year-old Avery Sloan and a friend, Grace McNeil,  were among the riders in the blue train that was stopped on the tracks. In the red train, were the moms, Beth Sloan and Susan McNeil.The moms and daughters rode the coaster several times Tuesday, with the girls always beating the moms. "So right before we were getting ready to leave, we said let's get on one more time. And we will see if moms get the girls," said Beth Sloan. "We got on the red car, the girls got on the blue car. Our car was winning most of the time, half way through the blue car stopped. We kept going," added Beth Sloan.The blue car stopped. The kids stuck. "I was very worried, absolutely because they are so little," said Beth Sloan."Really scared, there were only 2 adults on the train, " said Molly Sloan. Molly and her sister Bridget were in the first car. "When it stopped, I thought the other would stop but it didn't," said Bridget Sloan.The two moms were able to communicate with their daughters because Grace McNeil had her family's emergency phone in her pocket. The girls said being able to talk to their moms helped them not be so scared and a worker walked to the train and was able to talk with the girls. "When the lady came up, I asked her if she could stay,"  said Bridget Sloan.  "There were lots of things going through my mind. Is the car going to bump into us? Or how long are we going to be up here?," said Avery Sloan.After about 30 minutes the train started moving again and all the people on the ride got off safely. Cedar Point spokesperson Bryan Edwards said the safety systems detected something could be out of the ordinary and stopped the ride. Edwards said maintenance experts inspected the ride and found it to be in proper order. The ride was re-opened. "The safety of Cedar Point guests is our number one priority," said Edwards.

Cedar Point Family Care Centers
Posted by: InACents 
June 13, 2014
CEDAR POINT FAMILY CARE CENTERS – Cedar Point is of course known for their extensive line-up of remarkable roller coasters and rides. However, the park has been designed around including several family friendly ride areas within the park specifically for the little ones. As kids rush around from ride to ride, on a hot day, they may get tired or thirsty or in the rare case need some medical attention. That is where the Cedar Point Family Care Centers come into play. There are two Family Care Centers located around the park. The first is located within Planet Snoopy near the front section of the park. The second location is in the back of the park near the Maverick. Guests will find a tranquil facilities that is outfitted to completely help manage your little ones regardless of age.There are private bathrooms, changing tables, play areas, rocking chairs, private breastfeeding rooms, and anything else you may need during your visit. While you are encouraged to bring in diapers, foods, and other items your kids may need, the Family Care Centers do have a limited supply of diapers, wipes, food, and any of necessary items. The Family Care Centers are also fully equipped to handle First Aid, with nurses on staff all day. Should a situation require medical attention, the nearest hospital is only 10 minutes away from the park in Sandusky. The favorite part of going into the family care center happens to be the water cooler so they can get a glass of ice cold water to stay hydrated.I would assume most families may not realize the Family Care Centers exist. However, we think they are an excellent facility with friendly staff to take a quick break from the park.

Anyone having free cedar point tickets or discount tickets please let me know

how much everything cost with the discount let me know

djauan said:   how much everything cost with the discount let me know
Its listed with Discount on main page, Not included in price is: Taxes, $5.99 per Cedar Point online order fee. All Discounts are thru Cedar Point's website unless specified otherwise. 

New York Stock Exchange coming to Cedar Point closing the stock exchange next Wednesday

By Melissa Topey
JUN 23, 2014 

 A little bit of Wall Street is coming to Sandusky next week.The iconic bell to close the New York Stock Exchange will be rung from the front gates of Cedar Point as GateKeeper roars overhead.“We are calling it Celebrate Summer, Celebrate FUN,” said Stacy Frole, Cedar Fair Investor Relations. FUN is the ticker symbol of Cedar Fair on the exchange.The event is scheduled for Wednesday, July 2 at 4 p.m.With the ringing occurring a couple days before the 4th of July, the park will turn the event into a celebration.Normal protocol has anyone ringing the bell traveling to New York and either opening or closing the New York Stock Exchange from the financial mecca's floor.But that is not how Cedar Point decided to share the moment.“We wanted to thank everyone who made us successful, and when you are in New York you can't do that,” Frole said.So instead of Frole, Chief Executive Officer and President Matt Ouimet and Cedar Point Vice President and General Manager Jason McClure traveling to Manhattan, they asked for New York City to come to the amusement park.Starting around 3:30 p.m., guests to the park, retailers and employees will gather at the front gate for dancing, music and a blast of confetti cannons.It will culminate in the executives closing the New York Stock Exchange by ringing the closing bell, which will be aired live at the New York Stock Exchange and on CNBC.Cedar Fair has become a darling in the last few years to its unitholders with record revenues. The company is anticipating another year of record revenue in the range of $1.16 billion to $1.19 billion and an anticipated yearly distribution rate of $2.80 per unit. 


. (207.30kB)
STARS & STRIPES CELEBRATION  06/30/14, 07/01/14, 07/02/14, 07/03/14, 07/04/14, 07/05/14, 07/06/14 

The Stars & Stripes Celebration is here!

It's a special week filled with admission deals, fun and extra events for the whole family. Here's what's in store:

Monday, June 30 - Sunday, July 6

  • FREE admission to Cedar Point or Soak City for active, retired and honorably discharged members of our military with valid ID. Free admission available at park ticket windows only. Must show valid ID (active duty ID, retired personnel ID, VA ID, copy of DD-214 discharge papers and photo ID). Armed Forces friends & family ticket is $38.99 per one-day ticket with valid ID (limit 6).
  • FAMILY FOUR PACK - purchase a 4 pack of 1-day Cedar Point admission tickets for just $160! Available online only. 
  • FAMILY FOUR PACK WITH SINGLE MEAL DEAL - includes a 4 pack of 1-day Cedar Point admission tickets AND 4 Single Meal Deal vouchers for just $200! Available online only.
  • TURKEY LEGS - served fresh on the Frontier Trail! 

Friday, July 4 - Sunday, July 6

  • JOHNSONVILLE BIG TASTE GRILL - the world's largest mobile grilling machine makes its return to the park near Dodgem
  • CHICKEN BBQ - enjoy this delicious meal just in front of the blacksmith shop on the Frontier Trail

Friday, July 4

  • 10:00 a.m. - The E Team Skydivers perform during The National Anthem
  • 2:00 p.m. - Performance by Bill Leff Airshows near the Cedar Point Beach
  • 2:30 p.m. - All-American Pie Eating Contest (kids 12 & under) near Town Hall Museum / Skyhawk
  • 3:30 p.m. - All-American Pie Eating Contest (adults) near Town Hall Museum / Skyhawk
  • 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. - Play cornhole with a pro! Matt and Bret Guy from the American Cornhole Association will be on hand for games and special demonstrations near Town Hall Museum / Skyhawk
  • 10:00 p.m. - Aerial Spectacular Show AND Fantastic Fireworks

Saturday, July 5

  • 10:0 a.m. - The E Team Skydivers perform during The National Anthem
  • 1:00 p.m. - Air Force Band of Flight - "Wright Brass" performs near Town Hall Museum / Skyhawk
  • 2:00 p.m. - Performance by Bill Leff Airshows near the Cedar Point Beach
  • 2:30 p.m. - All-American Pie Eating Contest (kids 12 & under) near Town Hall Museum / Skyhawk
  • 3:00 p.m. - Air Force Band of Flight - "Systems Go" performs near Town Hall Museum / Skyhawk
  • 3:30 p.m. - All-American Pie Eating Contest (adults) near Town Hall Museum / Skyhawk
  • 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. - Play cornhole with a pro! Matt and Bret Guy from the American Cornhole Association will be on hand for games and special demonstrations near Town Hall Museum / Skyhawk
  • 10:00 p.m. - Aerial Spectacular Show AND Fantastic Fireworks


Cedar Point Parent Swap  

By :InACents.com 
May 29, 2014

CEDAR POINT PARENT SWAP – As a parent of three young boys, dispelling their energy means getting on and off of a lot of rides when visiting an amusement park. So when we were recently invited to spend a weekend at Cedar Point, it meant lots and lots of 48″ and under rides for the young ones.However, every once in a while, a parent needs a dose of thrills, and fortunately, Cedar Point has our backs when it comes to waiting in the often long lines for the big roller coasters. That is where Parent Swap comes in.

 Cedar Point offers guests with young children the opportunity to get a Parent Swap pass valid on the day of your visit. Simply visit Guest Services, the Town Hall Museum, or the Resort Entrance Gate and tell them you would like a Parent Swap pass.After being assigned, the parent proceeds to wait in line for any of the roller coasters. The list includes:

  • Blue Streak
  • Corkscrew
  • GateKeeper
  • Gemini
  • Iron Dragon
  • Magnum XL-200
  • Mantis
  • Maverick
  • maxAir
  • Mean Streak
  • Millennium Force
  • Mine Ride
  • Pipe Scream
  • Power Tower
  • Raptor
  • Shoot the Rapids
  • Skyhawk
  • Snake River Falls
  • Thunder Canyon
  • Top Thrill Dragster
  • Wicked Twister
  • WindSeeker

The policy holder then gives the Parent Swap pass to the ride platform attendant. After exiting the ride, the other parent than returns via the Fast Lane line and retrieves the Parent Swap pass following completion of the ride.The Parent Swap policy is in effect for the policy holder, their partner watching the children, and one guest tall enough to ride. So for example in our case, if our oldest was tall enough to ride one of the larger rides, I could proceed to ride, then exit, where my wife and oldest son could then proceed to ride together. The Parent Swap policy does not get the entire party access to the Fast Lane line.This is a great policy for parents, allowing families the peace of mind that while their children are enjoying their day, there is no reason a parent can not as well.What has been your experience with the Cedar Point Parent Swap pass.Save Money, Travel More! 

Cedar Point free for military, veterans through Sunday  

Posted: June 30, 2014
Story by:  Wkyc News - Channel 3 

Active, retired and honorably discharged members of the military will be admitted free to Cedar Point or Soak City with valid ID. 
Cedar Point is offering free admission to U.S. Military members through Sunday as part of its Stars & Stripes Celebration.Active, retired and honorably discharged members of the military will be admitted free to Cedar Point or Soak City with valid ID.Armed forces family and friends (limit 6) will be admitted for just $38.99.The park is also offering additional family deals all week, welcomes the world's largest mobile grill on Friday.Weekend activities include sky divers, pie-eating contests, aerial shows and fireworks.

Complete Info Click Here 

Cedar Point's new SlingShot ride to debut Wednesday SlingShot coming to Cedar PointRiders on SlingShot, Cedar Point's new thrill ride, will be launched up to 360 feet into the air. 

By Susan Glaser - Cleveland.com
Sandusky, Ohio – Expect the decibel level at Cedar Point to increase Wednesday morning, when the park debuts its new thrill ride, SlingShot, which will launch screaming riders up to 360 feet into the air.Riders, two to a capsule, will be thrust skyward at more than 60 mph, tethered to the tops of two multi-colored towers by springy steel cables. The ride is the second highest in the park, about 70 feet shorter than Top-Thrill Dragster and 50 feet higher than Millennium Force.After experiencing a brief feeling of weightlessness, SlingShot riders will spin around as they bob up and down, descending back to earth. The ride lasts about two minutes.Located next to the Gemini roller coaster toward the back of the park, SlingShot carries an extra charge -- $25 on top of park admission.It's the third new ride for Cedar Point this season. In May, the park debuted Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles, two new family rides also located in the spruced-up Gemini Midway.The SlingShot towers, illuminated after dark, also will add some sparkle to the nighttime skyline. 

VIDEO: Cedar Point's SlingShot Ride Testing - June 28, 2014 - Video Credit by: Sirpau1    


By Kim Wendel, WKYC.com 3:33 p.m. EDT July 9, 2014

WKYC thinks the Raptor would be appropriate

SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Cedar Point has jumped on the bandwagon in trying to persuade LeBron James to return to Cleveland.On Wednesday, @cedarpoint tweeted that it would rename one of its roller coasters after LeBron James.WKYC thinks the Raptor would be appropriate.Why? Back in August 2010, LeBron was seen at Cedar Point on the Raptor. We certainly don't want him going to the Toronto Raptors, though.The Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly cleared enough salary cap space to re-sign free-agent forward LeBron James, according to ESPN's Marc Stein.Stein reported the Cavaliers have facilitated a three-team trade with the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics, that sent point guard Jarrett Jack and shooting guard Sergey Karasev to the Nets and Tyler Zeller to the Celtics.As part of the deal, the Celtics also acquired Marcus Thornton from the Nets, center Tyler Zeller from Cleveland and a future first-round pick of the Cavaliers. Cleveland will get a undetermined pick from the Nets' 2014 NBA Draft class.ESPN's Brian Windhorst reports the Cavaliers now have $24 million in cap space, and James' maximum salary for the upcoming season will be $20.7 million. 

Cedar Point stands by LeBron coaster promise

By Ryan C Haidet, WKYC  6:02 p.m. EDT July 11, 2014

The amusement park says it will make good on its promise

SANDUSKY, OHIO -- As many local companies made efforts to lure LeBron James back to Cleveland, Cedar Point took a step nobody expected.The Sandusky scream park promised LeBron earlier this week that they would rename one of their 17 roller coasters "King James" should he choose to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.When news erupted Friday afternoon that LeBron was coming home, Cedar Point officials posted this vague tweet: "Welcome home, @KingJames! What happens next at Cedar Point? Stay tuned! @cavs"

Cedar Point spokesperson Bryan Edwards tweeted out a photo of the park's skyline with the following message: "Welcome back to Ohio LeBron James! So which one will it be? Stay tuned. Our "decision" is coming soon. #IHeartCP."

 Cedar Point released the following statement shortly before 6 p.m. Friday:"Over the past few days it has been fun to watch the excitement surrounding the potential and now realized, return of LeBron James to Cleveland. We stand ready to honor our original tweet. Congratulations Cleveland!"Still no word on which ride would be renamed or what it would be called. 

Stolen Cedar Point tickets listed on Craigslist linked to Avon

 Avon Lake man says he was duped out of $100 for five stolen Cedar Point tickets he purchased from a Craigslist posting. 

By Morning Journal.com POSTED: 07/09/14, 10:46 PM EDT

ELYRIA, OHIO — An Avon Lake man says he was duped out of $100 for five stolen Cedar Point tickets he purchased from a Craigslist posting.
On July 7, Elyria police met with Christopher Stafford, 45, at Lorain County Community College, the same place where he allegedly met with an Avon man to buy the tickets.

Stafford said he met the man about 11 p.m. after seeing the post and making arrangements to pick the tickets up in exchange for the cash, police said.

Stafford returned home, and felt the “deal was too good to be true,” so he contacted Cedar Point officials after seeing numerous people discussing Cedar Point ticket fraud online, he said.

A representative told Stafford the tickets were from a Meyers grocery store, but that it was common for thieves to steal and sell them online.
Police traced the alleged seller’s Red Pontiac Grand Am back to an Avon residence of an unidentified male with outstanding warrants — including one through the Elyria Police Department — who was previously charged with theft of Cedar Point tickets, according to the report.

Stafford described the suspect as a white male, about 5 feet 10 inches tall with short, light-colored hair.
The man has not been arrested and the five tickets were placed into evidence. 

BigBoyMichigan Note:
When meeting someone to purchase anything from a person on craigslist, Take a friend along and meet the person in a public place with a Digital recorder, Take a picture of the person your buying the tickets from as well as their car with license plate. that way if you get ripped off you can report it later. 

Where did u hear about them giving tickets away in Michigan

Thanks for posting and keeping this up to date. We bought a few from the links. ride and Refresh will be nice to have and fast passes this year for the first time.
Looking forward to it later this week.

Cedar Point named one of the best amusement parks in the U.S.

By Times Harold.com
July 16, 2014 11:58 AM

   TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel review company, has announced the winners of its Traveler's Choice Awards for the best amusement parks and water parks in the U.S., and a popular Midwest destination made the cut.Sandusky, Ohio-based amusement park Cedar Point was named one of the Top 10 Amusement Parks in the U.S., coming in at No. 8. Meanwhile, Cedar Point’s water park, Soak City, made the list of the Top 10 Water Parks in the U.S., clocking in at No. 10.TripAdvisor ranked the top picks using an algorithm that included quantity and quality of hundreds of reviews over a 12-month period. TripAdvisor also conducted a survey with 1,500 U.S. residents on favorite park activities and top trends.Not surprisingly, those polled said roller coasters were their favorite amusement park attraction, followed by bumper cars and carousels (both tied for second place) and the Ferris wheel.More than 60 percent of U.S. respondents have traveled to or plan to visit an amusement park this year. That’s up from 49 percent last year.

Top 10 Amusement Parks in the U.S.:
1. Discovery Cove: Orlando, Florida
2. Universal's Islands of Adventure: Orlando, Florida
3. Magic Kingdom: Orlando, Florida
4. Disney's Hollywood Studios: Orlando, Florida
5. Disneyland Park: Anaheim, California
6. Disney's Animal Kingdom: Orlando, Florida
7. SeaWorld Orlando: Orlando, Florida
8. Cedar Point Amusement Park: Sandusky, Ohio
9. Universal Studios Hollywood: Los Angeles
10. Busch Gardens: Tampa, Florida

Top 10 Water Parks in the U.S.
1. Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park: Orlando, Florida
2. Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park: Orlando, Florida
3. Aquatica: Orlando, Florida
4. Holiday World & Splashin' Safari: Santa Claus, Indiana
5. Water Country USA: Williamsburg, Virginia
6. Morey's Piers and Beachfront Waterparks: Wildwood, New Jersey
7. Noah's Ark Water Park: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
8. Dollywood's Splash Country Water Adventure Park: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
9. Wet 'n' Wild: Orlando, Florida
10. Cedar Point - Soak City: Sandusky, Ohio

BigBoyMichigan said:   Top 10 Amusement Parks in the U.S.:
1. Discovery Cove: Orlando, Florida

Seems to me that the definition of "Amusement Park" has been tweaked to allow a park with no 'rides' to take the top spot - even when the top 4 attractions are 'rides'. I've never even heard of the place. Of course, if they don't have Roller Coasters, why would I care...

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