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The pricing for fast lane seems to be wrong it is $90 for standard fast lane on October 18. �Website error maybe.

The prices for Fast Lane/Fright Lane changes depending on the day, number of passes purchased at the same time and whether or not its during the regular season or during Halloweekends, Prices are usually alittle cheaper during halloweekends since some of the rides are closed for the season.


. (128.29kB)

. (5.24kB)
Enjoy fine dining in the unique setting of the G.A. Boeckling's Eerie Estate haunted house (Located near Planet Spooky). Gather with other spirits in the Main Dining Room of the Estate and encounter creepy characters and fine food that's to die for! Meal service time on Friday is 5:30 PM and Saturday 12:30 PM. Meal choices: Crab Legs, Filet Mignon, Lobster Tail & Petite Filet or Seafood Alfredo - Choice of one ($74.95 each + $0.99 Per Order Process Fee). All meals include: Salad, Twice baked Potato, Steamed Vegies, Rolls & Butter, Dessert, 1 Glass of wine or Beer and Assorted Coca~Cola Beverages. Cash Bar is available. No Substitutions. Space is limited. VIP Dinner Experience/Boeckling's Banquet CANNOT be purchased on day of the meal and must be purchased by midnight the day before online. To add additional guests to your party, please purchase meal tickets online in advance prior to your meal date. (Subject to availability).


Invalid codes..

stevecooper53 said:   Invalid codes..
Which codes are invalid? If you want your post to be helpful to others you need provide enough details to let others understand what you are discussing.


Hey I need same ticket


. (104.79kB)

. (31.85kB)
Cedar Point Admission &Fright Lane ComboSAVE UP TO $20.00
Buy a Friday October 31, 2014 Cedar Point Admission Ticket AND Fright Lane with Skeleton Key and save up to $20.00 off the price at the park. HalloWeekends features mazes, scare zones, live shows, and monsters around every dark corner. Enter if you dare, survive if you can. Plus, scream to the front of the line and unlock exclusive rooms using your Fright Lane featuring the all-new Skeleton Key. Price Includes Processing Fee.



Very informative.Thanks.

My family (2 adults + 10 year old) are looking to visit Cedar Point in June 2015.� Can you recommend any hotel/ticket combos?� Or other ways to save $ for accommodations and tickets?� How many days is necessary to cover the entire park?

To really see everything in the park I recommend 2 days for Cedar Point and additional day(s) for access to Castaway Bay (Indoor Open Year round Water Park). Soak City Outdoor Water Park, Challenge Park. Cedar Point sells Buy 2 days for the price of 1 on my blog's main page. The Best times to get cheapo tickets for Cedar Point is:

* You Can get FREE Tickets by clicking one of the links on the site
* Entering online ticket giveaways for Free 4-Pack Cedar Point Tickets. Normally doesn't include transportation or hotel costs, Links are posted on above site.


Watch this site for details.

* May 01 ONLY - Every Year at 12 Midnight EST. Coca-Cola Offers Cedar Point Tickets at over 75% OFF in trade of 250 MyCokeReward Points (Normally 1000). VERY POPULAR, Site Does Crash. Limited Tickets Per Person, Limited Tickets Available and Cedar Point Always Runs Out By Mid-Morning. No Fee this year.

* July 25 ONLY - Online ONLY - Cedar Point Christmas In July Sale, Savings at over 50% Off Tickets - These Tickets are discounted at ALL CEDAR FAIR PARKS -VERY POPULAR, Site Does Crash.
Limited Tickets Per Person, Limited Tickets Available. CP Processing Fee.

* Last Day of Season Tickets - GuestAppreciationDay - NOW ON SALE - Valid Only on November 02, 2014. No Halloween Activitys will be opened that day. Some rides will not be open. Tickets are $29.00 per person and $19.00 Per Person for Bring-A-Friend Season Pass Holders. Cedar Point charges Process Fee.


* HALLOWEEKENDS SEASON...............August
- October Every Year- Special Deals include: Discounted Season Pass + Free 1 day admission to Cedar Point for Current year to Halloweekends and Full use of Season Pass for next season.

* HOLIDAY SEASON.................................Mid November - FebruaryEvery Year: Discounted Season Passes + Option to pay installments by Credit Card or all at once.

* PRE-SEASON..........................................March - April - Every Year:
Option to pay installments by Credit Card or all at once, No Discount.

* MAY - JULY.............................................No Discounted Season Passes

Platinum Passes can be purchased thru ANY Cedar Fair Park, Some parks are cheaper then others but do require in person photo to be attached to season pass. Cedar Point Season Pass valid 2nd Saturday of May - 1st Saturday of November. Platinum Season passes valid at all Cedar Fair Parks during regular operating season from: January 01 - December 31. Not valid on special event days, Fast Pass, Fright Lane, Concerts.

Is it better/cheaper to get season passes now (during their season closer sale) or during their holiday sale?
Also, it is more economical to get the dining pass? I don't know how much food costs in the park (cedar point for the most part).

Thank you!

Sunsmat, can't help you on the season passes, but I can comment that the food is pretty expensive. A pretty basic cafeteria-style burger will cost you about $7. One of the best values in the park is Johnny Rockets, a national chain burger joint that has a 50's diner theme that has really good burgers, cheese steaks and fries - figure about $12 for a lunch with tip, if you avoid the $5 shakes; the prices aren't much different than at their other franchises and the value comes from the food tasting good, not just tasting like concession stand grub. We once made the mistake of eating at Chick-Fil-A for lunch (before we knew that the owners are extremists who are active in attempting to suppress equal rights for all American citizens) and it turned out to be almost $50 for two adults and one 6 year-old, damn expensive fast food. There is a nicer sit-down sports bar located near the entrance to Raptor on the left as one walks into the park that has about the same sort of prices one would encounter at a typical big city downtown sports bar and the cheese steak I had there was very good, plus they had a kids menu. Not dirt cheap, but comfortable seats and nice cool air conditioning on a 90*F day, plus free water and soda refills.

The last few years, my family has bought a single unlimited refill souvenir soda sports bottle for I believe $10. We always seem to get to the park on a really hot day when it's important to stay hydrated and it seems like there are only about half a dozen drinking fountain locations in the whole park (they are definitely too sparsely located, to try to get visitors to by sodas), so we refilled it a whole bunch of times and just shared. Most rides have bins on the out-going side of the platform where one can put the bottle, but there are a few (Millennium Force is one) that force you to have to rent a locker - they don't have personal items bins on the platforms (that's a bit of a money-making scam, too).

If you get tickets now, The Free pass is only good today Saturday November 1st ortomorrow November 2nd,sincethe season will be ending for 2014. The holiday discount is already shown and you save $20.00 compared when they raise prices again in May. Just a reminder that Cedar Point raises Ticket & Season Passes 3 times a year WITHOUT notice.


. (14.37kB)

. (14.21kB)

. (139.29kB)

. (181.38kB)

/ (63.90kB)
I wanted to share the link below since the Season will end November 02, 2014. If you or your group is Physically or Emotionally Disabled. You can qualify for FREE CEDAR POINT TICKETS. The link is below and starts in JANUARY of every year. Don't put this off as this fills up really fast every year and quickly closes up.

■ Children Age 2 and Under always FREE, No special ticket needed.

The purpose of the Charitable Ticket Program is to assist qualified non-profit organizations, groups and individuals. Tickets for this program are limited and guidelines are strictly enforced. Donations are made based on the need of the individual or group. We strive to assist as many physically or emotionally disabled individuals as we possibly can. When applying for this program please don't wait as this program fills up quickly and they close it asap.

Guests With Disabilities Special Info

Guests With Disabilities 2014 - Guest Assistance Guide - Shows which Rides you can/can't go on due to disabilities - PDF File

Cedar Point has 'awesome' year, GM McClure says

ByRichard Payerchin,The Morning Journal
POSTED:11/05/14, 10:28 AM EST

Cedar Point amusement park got refreshed for its 145th operating season with new leadership, new rides and a partnership with one of the hottest athletes on the planet. Its been an awesome year, said Jason McClure, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point. He shared his thoughts about the 2014 season with The Morning Journal on Oct. 29. McClure completed his first operating season at the helm of Cedar Point, which also is the flagship park and corporate headquarters of Sandusky-based Cedar Fair Entertainment Co.He succeeded John Hildebrandt, a fixture in the Sandusky business community who recently retired after 40 years working at Cedar Point. Cedar Point is such a great park and to be able to experience it with our guests, thats always the best part of my job, to be able to get out in the park, watch the guests enjoy the park, see the fun that theyre having, McClure said. Cedar Point is just a great place for families to come down and have a good time, and Im happy to be a part of it. As for 2014, Cedar Fair generally does not release specific attendance results for its parks. Third quarter corporate results for stockholders could come out this week, McClure said, so he declined to discuss how a relatively cool summer affected guest turnout. Cedar Point opened the season with the new Lake Erie Eagles and Pipe Scream rides were a hit with riders, especially parents riding together with children, McClure said. They also became the centerpieces of a Gemini midway that was redesigned to be more guest-friendly. That was really our goal when we went into it, to make it a place thats comfortable to hang out in, McClure said. Before it had that hot asphalt, not a lot of shade, it wasnt very exciting. The lighting package also is amazing, making the Gemini midway a cool place to hang out at night, he said. Thats what we were looking for, McClure said. Plus we had a couple of upgrades in Camp Snoopy, which is always good for families with smaller children. All of that was really well received from our guests.

Cedar Point also announced Mantis, the parks stand-up roller coaster, would be reborn as the Rougarou, named for a werewolf-like creature from French folklore. The ride will be refreshed with a new color scheme and floorless trains made by Bollinger & Mabillard of Switzerland, the company that built rides including Raptor and GateKeeper. The trains will arrive over the winter, McClure said. Crews are working on the electrical system, controls and changing the ride station to accommodate floorless trains instead of Mantis stand up carriages, he said. Weve made a lot of progress on the paint, something we wanted to get ahead of based on what last winter was like, McClure added.

Cedar Point made headlines when the park posted a notice on Twitter that the park would rename one of its coasters for LeBron James if the basketball superstar left the Miami Heat and returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was a fun way for the park to get involved in a sports issue that gained national attention, McClure said.We were really excited at that time when everybody was wondering where LeBron was coming, McClure said. Obviously, were happy like the rest of northern Ohio that LeBron came back to Cleveland. In meeting with James representatives, it turned out James was less interested in lending his name to a thrill ride and more interested in helping kids, McClure said. It was neat to talk with his team and learn how cool they think Cedar Point is and what a visit to the park means for youth in Akron, he said. Really, LeBron has had a lot of focus on the community and how his role is with the community, McClure said. He felt that a better fit with Cedar Point and LeBron was with the LeBron James Family Foundation. They do a lot of great work with the kids in Akron and were really happy to play a role in that and to be one of his partners heading into next year. McClure added he has not met James yet, but anticipated he will be out at the park in summer 2015.Bring home the championship and well take care of you, McClure added with a laugh.The fall Halloweekends season was good in 2014, but park officials still are amazed at how the Halloween-themed weekends continue to grow in popularity, McClure said. Halloweekends added the Hexed witch-themed haunted house, Tombstone Terror-tory outdoor ghost town, a live show by Midnight Syndicate and the family-friendly Howl-O-Palooza childrens area.Our families have really enjoyed that, McClure said. Incidentally, Cedar Point decorated with at least 2,000 bales of straw, 19,000 pounds of pumpkins, 91,200 cornstalks and 1,200 pounds of gourds for the 18th Halloweekends season, according to figures from the park.

Cedar Point won 16 consecutive awards for being Best Amusement Park in the world, from Amusement Today trade magazine. In 2014, that title was nabbed by Europa-Park in Germany. There are lots of different awards and things out and Cedar Point definitely gets its share, McClure said. Europa-Park is an amazing park, I was able to visit there last year. They are a great amusement park as well, a great park. There are lots of them out there. Were happy that were at the top of the list, a world class, world quality amusement park. We cant control that, he said about the award. So we focus on giving our guests a good time, making sure they have their best day of the summer and all those other things will kind of take care of themselves.
Cedar Point has become an event site for races, up to the Ironman-level distances of the Rev3 Triathlon. The running races will return in 2015, and Cedar Point also will host a March of Dimes Walk in the spring before the park opens. Its a nice way for us to connect with the community and give people to visit the park, McClure said.After a summer on the rails, its hard to pick a favorite roller coaster, McClure said, citing rides including Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster and Cedar Points other coasters. But he conceded Maverick remains his first choice for getting in line, and he recommended riding inthe front car to get the full effect of its twisty track.I like the dynamics of that ride, McClure said. I like the quick transitions, I like the speed, I like that you have to actively ride it, the adrenaline of it. If Im pinned down, I dont want to be that gutless guy who wont pick, he said with a laugh. Ill pick: Mavericks my favorite.


. (92.62kB)
Cedar Point knocks down Hotel Breakers' historic entryway, as two-year renovation project enters final phase (video)

BySusan Glaser, The Plain Dealer
October 29, 2014 at 4:05 PM
SANDUSKY, Ohio The front entrance toCedar Point's historic Hotel Breakers was torn down on Wednesday, as the resort prepares for the final, and most dramatic, phase of a two-year renovation project. The entryway, built in 1905, has needed an overhaul for years, said Jason McClure, Cedar Point's general manager."In 1905, people didn't drive here, they came on the water," he said. The resort was oriented toward the beach, and the back of the hotel was an afterthought. "It's really not a very welcoming experience," he said. "It doesn't make a statement to our guests. This is an opportunity for us to correct that." The new entryway will feature a covered area for arriving guests, plus a shorter, more open area leading to the lobby. It will likely be among the more dramatic improvements to the hotel, which also will feature new furniture, bedding, flat-screen TVs and more, when it reopens in early May. The park announced in 2012 a $60-million plan to renovate its four lodging facilities, with aging Hotel Breakers receiving the bulk of the attention.
Other features of the renovation:
The five-story rotunda will feature overnight rooms for the first time in years, said McClure. Many of the original rotunda rooms didn't offer private bathrooms, part of the reason they were mothballed. The first floor of the rotunda will house a Starbucks and Surf Lounge.
The Bon Air wing, on the west side of the hotel, also will be torn down, said McClure. The total number of rooms at the hotel will decrease from 650 to 511.
One of two pools is being removed, while a kid-friendly splash zone is being added to the pool complex near the resort's east wing.Among the goals of the renovation: To take greater advantage of the hotel's location on Lake Erie. The new lobby will open into the rotunda, which will showcase views of the lake."We want to remind people why it's called Hotel Breakers," said McClure.Room rates for an overnight stay on a weekend in early June start at about $275.

I just bought a season pass with dinning for 2015! I live in Detroit, which is only an hour and 45 minutes away. Next year I plan on going to Cedar Point at least 40 times! Yes, fourty-times! I'm going to get my moneys worth. I plan to stay overnight a few times at hotels off the island. Right now I booked a night at Knights Inn Hotel in May for only $42.

I am seriously thinking about renting a room or an apartment in Sandusky for next summer. Anyone ever done something like that before?

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