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Microsoft Office 2013 now available through Home Use Program for $10 If You Qualify (Also Info 4 free upgrades for 2010)

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1/17/13 11:52 AM
Microsoft Office 2013 now available through Home Use Program for $10 ( If You Qualify )


Microsoft Office 2013 is now available through the Home Use Program [microsofthup.com] for $9.95 if the company you work for participates in this program. If you don't know your program code, just click where it says "Don't Know your Program Code?".

make sure you buy the back up DVD for another $13.99

dtlove74 op sd


Here is some other info if you own Office 2010

Microsoft kicks off free Office 2013 upgrades
Free copy of Office 2013 -- or sub to Office 365 -- now comes with purchase of Office 2010
1/17/13 11:53 AM
For those who don't have an email that works, try to see if your company is signed up for corporateperks.com. Same promo through their website. Just need the code.

Works for:
@childrens.com (Childrens Medical Center)
@dcccd.edu (Dallas County Community College District)
@missouri.edu - student @mail.missouri.edu won't work, but you can use pawprint@missouri.edu and the e-mail actually comes through
@usc.edu (OOS for Office, Visio still available)
Certain local city government e-mail addresses

Doesn't work for:
@northshore.org (NorthShore University Health Systems)
Office 2013 [ image/png - 7.04kB ]
1/17/13 12:07 PM
MicrosoftHUP.com, what the heck is that? Home Use Program?
1/17/13 12:12 PM
Thanks OP. Just got it.
1/17/13 12:12 PM
Thanks. I hope it works. Still using Office 2003
1/17/13 12:15 PM
Thanks! I have been waiting for this!
1/17/13 12:19 PM
tougher said:   

MicrosoftHUP.com, what the heck is that?

It tells Microsoft to "Hang UP", restart, and re-read all its configuration files.
1/17/13 12:21 PM
office 2003 still the best... all they did in subsequent versions just rearrange all the menu into icons and sh1ts you cannot find to do what you always been doing...... put in some new color schemes for the charts and new fonts and they call it new version.... bullsh1t
1/17/13 12:23 PM
needs program code or no deal
1/17/13 12:25 PM
I'm assuming it comes as an downloadable ISO? Wouldn't it be possible to create your own back up DVD to avoid paying an additional $13.99? australia.edu did not work for me.
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