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YMMV -$2 Lowe's 18 gal Storage Tote

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1/25/13 3:30 PM
1/25/13 3:30 PM
18 gal Storage Tote [ image/jpeg - 43.92kB ]
1/25/13 4:39 PM
Nice, but none of my 8 stores near me carry it.
1/25/13 4:49 PM
The subject line tells me that I will be paid $2 for each tote.
1/25/13 5:05 PM
yoregano said:   

The subject line tells me that I will be paid $2 for each tote.

I clicked on this thread thinking the same, and it is $2 each. (too bad, nothing in stock around my zip)
1/25/13 5:22 PM
nothing around my area..
1/25/13 5:28 PM
Nor mine...wooda snagged a handful fer shure
1/25/13 5:40 PM
In for 6.....thanks OP

(edit; not happening.....contacted by store....none in stock, even after the e-mail comes and says the order is ready for pick up at that store. Spoke to customer service manager who refused to substitute any tote at that price and said "it happens often"......well, f/u Lowes.....I use Home Depot for all my purchases, over $50,000 per year and I'm not a Lowes customer, so you probably made the right move....as far as me becoming a customer.....not happening also!)
1/25/13 5:59 PM
Got last one in my area, but if it's like past experiences, I'll get notified shortly that they don't have it in stock. Their inventory system is so error-prone and unreliable.
1/25/13 10:21 PM
yeah teh last dozen or so clearanace deals i've tried to get at Lowes i've gotten the cancellation emails. You'd think with the money they make they'd be able to pay someone to maintain their inventory system.
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