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First Act Adam Levine Acoustic Guitar Pack @ Kmart.com - $19.99

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2/11/13 10:28 PM
Hey MCB - thanks for the detailed review. You should post it on Amazon if the guitar is listed on there!

I've never played guitar before these last couple of days (I bought this one), but I was attributing the difficulty I'm having largely to my lack of ability to play (obviously), but also a bit to the closeness of the frets. Looking at the pictures you posted, I've realized the narrowness of the neck and the resulting closeness of the strings to one another, might be more of a problem for me than the spacing of the frets.

Oh well - I still think this is a really cheap way for a complete beginner like me to figure out whether or not playing guitar is something I want to get into.
2/11/13 10:44 PM
some people need a wider neck, and some benefit from a smaller one. for example, stevie ray vaughan used a wider neck. on the other hand (pun intended) jimi hendrix had HUGE hands, but played a standard neck. it must have been like a toy to him! (look at some live footage and you'll see what i mean)

i intentionally tried to be a little vague, as this is all personal preference stuff. i have a hard time with it because i play my classical guitar as my primary. you'll see what you like over time. but it may be worth it to spend an hour at Guitar Center to see what feels comfortable. just learn a few chords and head on over (there are a few websites that will give you some, it doesn't matter right now) and strum away. don't worry about not knowing how to play - we all start somewhere. you may hate the adam levine one and want to take it back and decide to get a full sized one. or you may decide to keep it as a backup/beach guitar, or even main guitar.

i'll tinker around with it and maybe i'll review it on Amazon thx
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