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Colt M4 CARBINE 5.56 MAGPUL MOE (2013 CONFIG) LE6920MP-B $1449.99

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4/6/13 8:39 PM
Moderator Comment: This thread had been placed under moderation to keep thread on topic. — Apr. 6, 2013 @ 8:41pm
4/6/13 8:39 PM
Colt M4 CARBINE 5.56 MAGPUL MOE [ image/jpeg - 6.87kB ]
4/7/13 4:30 AM
Almost posted this myself. I would love to get one of these but I guess I'll have to move out of Maryland first. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

O'Malley paper targets anyone?
4/7/13 7:23 AM
new law doesn't take effect until October. If you have one then you are grandfathered in.
4/7/13 7:52 AM
A maryland resident cannot own one of these? Why? (I am new to guns)
4/7/13 10:54 AM
I want one of these for sure...but this price is too high. Unless you are worried about a ban in your state, and need to get one fast, I would suggest waiting a bit to let prices come down some. Dealer cost on this rifle is $1,040 with MSRP of $1,229.
4/7/13 11:45 AM
so, their MSRP on the site is inflated? Figures.
4/7/13 12:08 PM
Colt 2013 Price List [ application/pdf - 2.25MB ]
4/7/13 12:51 PM
Haha with all the ban possibilities pretty much dead, I can't believe people are paying OVER MSRP. Since the possibility of a ban in AZ will never happen AND all these states losing their right to own firearms AND people seeing their gun prices plummet....I expect to see heavy inventory in the next 6-12mo.
4/7/13 2:28 PM
I know locally there were quite a few gun stores taking orders on ARs and essentially creating a waiting list. I know some websites did the same, and they were all at inflated prices.

I'm wondering if many shops have ordered way too many at this point and will see their orders suddenly be cancelled when customers realize they can get that $1500 Sig m400 for $1000 now. Even if you'd forfeit the deposit of $100 or so, it would be worth it to bail. My point is, it may create an inventory problem for many shops. Like what opthal said.
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