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Nokia Lumia 521 $129 , In Walmart stores now , out of stock online

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5/6/13 2:11 PM
Not just the United States , but the whole world is buying these Nokia Lumia 521's !
Sold out online , but just today restocked in stores.
Of course you will want to check WalMart.com for your availability.
5/6/13 2:11 PM
" Although it is branded T-Mob, he said it is unlocked and showed me how to let it go to the T-Mob activation or signup screen without the SIM Card (You have to cancel 3 times before it lets you proceed). Then you go to the Settings, About (scroll down) and select reset phone to finish removing the T-Mob tie in. I am yet to cut my regular size T-Mob sim to the micro sim size and actually try calling/data features though. I might opt to transfer the account to the included T-Mob. micro SIM." Thanks DaRam
lumia [ image/jpeg - 18.39kB ]
5/6/13 2:22 PM
no5432 said:   

Not just the United States , but the whole world is buying these Nokia Lumia 521's !

What's going on?
5/6/13 2:26 PM
In other countries , the Lumia 521 is called is called Lumia 520. It is a massive sellout in every country.
It just arrived about 10 days ago to United States. First it sold out almost instantly on Home Shopping Network.
Then it instantly sold out , online at WalMart.
The features this phone has is completely amazing at this $129 price.
5/6/13 2:35 PM
This was on HSN just a few days ago for 150 and was quite a popular deal. No wonder its sold out so quickly.
5/6/13 2:41 PM
If you get this phone, can you try to activate it with Lycamobile? It may work without unlocking.
5/6/13 2:55 PM
so we need to be on TMOBILE if we take it ? or ?
5/6/13 3:06 PM
Based on others' experience so far, locked phones(even T-Mobile phones) won't work on Lycamobile even though it uses T-Mobile's network(as ROAMING only).
5/6/13 3:07 PM
You can also use many MVNO services which use T-Mobile's network.
5/6/13 3:16 PM
Wow, good thing I didn't pull the triger on HSN.
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