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Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch - $19.97 @ Radio Shack B&M -- YMMV

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5/8/13 5:46 PM
Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch - $19.97 @ Radio Shack B&M -- YMMV

Just walked in to my local Radio Shack. On the shelf, clearance priced at $19.97. I haven't looked but I believe sold out on line. This is national as I called another location locally and had them hold a second one for me to pick up tomorrow.

I also understand that the "Glow" version is also marked down to $29.95.

Link here......http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12239738

I landed 2 of them, can't wait till I learn to read.

On a side note, Radio Shack isn't as crappy as I thought. I guess a blind spider finds a dead fly once in a while.

People, you've got to look in store, don't bother on line it's not there to purchase. That's what B&M means
Nook deal [ image/jpeg - 8.24kB ]
5/8/13 5:46 PM
Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch [ image/jpeg - 13.50kB ]
5/8/13 10:25 PM
Awesome deal. It runs a version of android so you can root it and load apps on it. Great for browsing the web on sunny days outside.
5/8/13 10:29 PM
Be very careful as most stores only have one unit.
5/8/13 10:54 PM
Not finding the "Glow" version ar the Shack website
5/8/13 11:57 PM
did not see glow version online, either. but this is a crazy good deal! going to my local store tomorrow. thanks op!
5/9/13 1:08 AM
Have three local RS and all of them have it on hold for the same person.
5/9/13 6:32 AM
none within 50 miles
5/9/13 6:36 AM
If you checked yesterday, you might want to check again before camping out.

Last night after closing one store in my area showed stock - this morning OOS. Looks like the server updated inventory at midnight.
5/9/13 7:51 AM
Wow, what a steal. We've got 3 nooks between us, all different versions. I'd go for a glow if I could find one, but I don't see those listed at all either.
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