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MacBook Pro With Retina Display Starting As Low As $1,175 At Best Buy "Black Friday In July" Sale

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7/26/13 1:19 PM
MacBook Pro With Retina Display Starting As Low As $1,175 At Best Buy "Black Friday In July" Sale

DETAILS AT THIS LINK: http://gizmodo.com/the-retina-macbook-pro-is-more-than-300-off-a...

STUDENT PROMO: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Global/College-Student-Deals/pcmcat2...

AMEX PROMO: https://sync.americanexpress.com/twitter/offerterms/F0DB7D8D5273...

Also, Don't Forget Fat Wallet Cash Back And Reward Zone Points

Two-Day Sale (Friday And Saturday Only)

7/26/13 1:19 PM
macbook [ image/jpeg - 130.87kB ]
7/27/13 1:18 PM
They're just liquidating their supply as the new rMBP are coming out shortly. Testing results have already been posted.

Front page: http://www.macrumors.com/
7/27/13 1:51 PM
I have tried, but student promo code did not work on this sale.
7/27/13 4:59 PM
same prices on Amazon
7/27/13 5:02 PM
Unless you still have no sales tax - you can get Best Buy points with a Rewards Zone card. Worth going to Best Buy imo..
7/27/13 9:03 PM
They worked for me. Yesterday I got the fridge and microwave combo on sale for about 219- 100 coupon. Tonight I ordered the MacBook Pro with retina display and got an extra 100 off. Make sure if your buying a Mac you enter the right coupon. They send you two different ones.
7/27/13 9:16 PM
I signed up for the coupon, but the link to the coupons leads to a coupon that does not have a coupon code. I might be forced to lose out on the 1.5% Cash Back and buy this in store. Is anyone willing to send me a coupon code?
7/28/13 3:47 PM
It takes some audacity to ask, but if someone would let me use their edu code please let me know. I've been a student so many times but never collected deals :/
8/2/13 11:13 AM
icecow. do you still need them. I can PM you the page.
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