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Werner 22 ft. Aluminum Telescoping Multi-position Ladder 300 lb. Load Capacity $125 Free Shipping HD

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11/28/13 8:10 AM
Werner 22 ft. Aluminum Telescoping Multi-position Ladder 300 lb. Load Capacity $125 Free ShippingHome DepotThe Werner 22 ft. Aluminum Telescoping Multi-position Ladder is like 4 ladders in 1. The strong, aluminum-constructed ladder turns easily into 1 of 4 positions, depending on the job you want to do: step ladder, twin step ladder, extension ladder and stairwell ladder. It folds up for storage purposes. 

  • Aluminum frame provides a sturdy and strong structure
  • 22-Steps provide convenient access to high, hard-to-reach areas
  • 300 lb. duty rating is ideal for medium household applications
  • Non-slip treads secure your feet while you work
  • Soft push knobs for added convenience
  • ANSI certified for safe use
  • MFG Model # : MT-22
  • MFG Part # : MT-22

This ladder hardly ever goes on sale, usually on BF.  It was 119 after coupon last year, which I missed, this is pretty close.  Free shipping is nice for ppl with small cars like me, also, this is thing is pretty heavy and cumbersome to lug around.  Use shopdiscover for an extra 10% + 5% back.

11/28/13 8:10 AM
Multiposition [ image/jpeg - 15.71kB ]
11/28/13 8:40 AM
I assume this has the narrow rungs like its smaller brethren? That is the rungs aren't as comfortable to stand on as a conventional extension ladder? Also assume when fully extended it's gonna bend more than an extension ladder? Great deal just I already have a smaller and thinking about an extension ladder.
11/28/13 9:13 AM
Yeah I agree with yah, I got a separate extension ladder for almost the same reasons.  I think if used in fully laid-out mode, an extension ladder is much more functional than this, but in door this is pretty useful (on stairs where one leg has to be shorter), cleaning vaulted ceilings, etc.
11/28/13 10:26 AM
Says out of stock online and says limited stock in stores and hence will not let me buy and pickup either. Limited stock in stores all around me - so what is the point of HD having a sale and not having enough stock anywhere.
11/28/13 10:43 AM
Well, aren't these door busters so they won't even let you buy a door buster online… gotta show up.

I vaguely recall w/ HD in particular that they throttle the online inventory on their specials throughout thanksgiving / BF day so keep checking? YMMV
12/2/13 6:07 PM
$114.99 after coupon code HOLIDAYTEN

Great deal!
12/2/13 6:19 PM
how does it compare to little giant??
12/2/13 6:52 PM
Note the promo code needs to be entered as shown, in all caps. Plenty in stock at my local store. Thanks!

Edit: Just a note that although it accepted the code for the online order and showed the discount on the order status page after the order was placed, the confirmation email I received did not include the discount at all and only reflected the sale price + tax.  I'll post an update once I receive a "ready for pickup" email and pick up the ladder, hopefully yet this evening.

Edit 2: Pickup ready notice just arrived. It also did not reflect the discount. I'll post after I pick it up (30 min or so).
12/2/13 7:13 PM
Thanks OP and Farfisa850! Been wanting to buy one of these for years. I thought they would have sold out at my local store by now.
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