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Werner 22 ft. Aluminum Telescoping Multi-position Ladder 300 lb. Load Capacity $125 Free ShippingHome DepotThe Werner 22 ft. Aluminum Telescoping Multi-position Ladder is like 4 ladders in 1. The strong, aluminum-constructed ladder turns easily into 1 of 4 positions, depending on the job you want to do: step ladder, twin step ladder, extension ladder and stairwell ladder. It folds up for storage purposes. 

  • Aluminum frame provides a sturdy and strong structure
  • 22-Steps provide convenient access to high, hard-to-reach areas
  • 300 lb. duty rating is ideal for medium household applications
  • Non-slip treads secure your feet while you work
  • Soft push knobs for added convenience
  • ANSI certified for safe use
  • MFG Model # : MT-22
  • MFG Part # : MT-22

This ladder hardly ever goes on sale, usually on BF.  It was 119 after coupon last year, which I missed, this is pretty close.  Free shipping is nice for ppl with small cars like me, also, this is thing is pretty heavy and cumbersome to lug around.  Use shopdiscover for an extra 10% + 5% back.


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Multiposition (15.71kB)
Thanks spicynosalad
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Thanks. got one $125 - $10 + Tax. Because there was not available online so can not get the free shipping, I had to orde... (more)

qzheng2000 (Dec. 05, 2013 @ 7:58a) |

Ordered one yesterday with $10 off coupon = $115.

Picked up today, then returned/re-bought with Harbor Freight 25% off co... (more)

NoMoneyInMyWallet (Dec. 05, 2013 @ 10:16p) |

Still in stock, great deal.

mrhineh (Dec. 09, 2013 @ 11:09p) |

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I assume this has the narrow rungs like its smaller brethren? That is the rungs aren't as comfortable to stand on as a conventional extension ladder? Also assume when fully extended it's gonna bend more than an extension ladder? Great deal just I already have a smaller and thinking about an extension ladder.

Yeah I agree with yah, I got a separate extension ladder for almost the same reasons.  I think if used in fully laid-out mode, an extension ladder is much more functional than this, but in door this is pretty useful (on stairs where one leg has to be shorter), cleaning vaulted ceilings, etc.

Says out of stock online and says limited stock in stores and hence will not let me buy and pickup either. Limited stock in stores all around me - so what is the point of HD having a sale and not having enough stock anywhere.

Well, aren't these door busters so they won't even let you buy a door buster online… gotta show up.

I vaguely recall w/ HD in particular that they throttle the online inventory on their specials throughout thanksgiving / BF day so keep checking? YMMV

$114.99 after coupon code HOLIDAYTEN

Great deal!

how does it compare to little giant??

Note the promo code needs to be entered as shown, in all caps. Plenty in stock at my local store. Thanks!

Edit: Just a note that although it accepted the code for the online order and showed the discount on the order status page after the order was placed, the confirmation email I received did not include the discount at all and only reflected the sale price + tax.  I'll post an update once I receive a "ready for pickup" email and pick up the ladder, hopefully yet this evening.

Edit 2: Pickup ready notice just arrived. It also did not reflect the discount. I'll post after I pick it up (30 min or so).

Thanks OP and Farfisa850! Been wanting to buy one of these for years. I thought they would have sold out at my local store by now.

Great Deal. Thanks

$10 off Orders $100 or More
Use this code at checkout to get $10 discount on orders $100 or more. Restrictions may apply. Ships free on most items.

greenearth said:   how does it compare to little giant??
When I saw the cost on this, I was bummed i bought a Little Giant. After using the LG, and looking at this ladder in Home Depot, I think I made the right choice. Overall, the LG just feels better made, maybe it could be a few pounds lighter, but it's solid. I also like standing on the LG. I haven't ever looked, but I received the single leg extension for uneven terrain, wheels, and a plank when you split the ladder into 2. Paid a little more than I typically would at the time, but was in need of a ladder.


Thank you! I was hesitating until I saw this today. Love the discount on top!

I bought this a few years back and think it's great for the price-  some have said it's heavier than they expected-  the ladder was one of my better purchases and think for the money you can't go wrong-  if you can get it you will be happy!

I'm back from the store. The receipt printed at the store reflected the correct price ($125 - $10 promo + tax = $123.19 out the door).  The order status page online is not correct as it applies the discount to the merchandise subtotal, then it takes the savings off again in the summary showing a total of $113.19 rather than $123.19. This only shows on the order status page and not on the original order, so obviously they have an issue with how the order status page is displayed. The temporary authorization on the credit card is correct however at $123.19.

I now own both the Werner (from this thread, thanks again!) and the Little Giant Classic 22' 300 pound rating ladders. My Little Giant is up at the cabin so I'll have to work based on memory. The Little Giant does look  better with the orange caps on the rungs vs. exposed rivets on the Werner and the build qualilty appears higher (subjective observation) on the Little Giant ( The LGC has cleaner looking edges on the extruded aluminum struts for example). However, functionally they operate the same. The Werner does not have wheels like the Little Giant Classic (LGC), but I don't often use them anyway; it is much easier for me to just lift the LGC ladder by its side and carry it vs. drag it around on the wheels. My wife and kids do use the wheels on the LGC because it is a bit on the heavy side.  I believe the Werner is lighter (as in not as heavy as the LGC; it seemed pretty easy to carry to the truck), but again I'm working from memory.

I did a very quick test of the Werner in the garage and it was plenty stable as a step ladder. I haven't yet tried the Werner as an extension ladder (it's snowy and dark and my garage isn't that tall), but if it's the same as the LGC I won't be using it as an extension ladder at full extension.  Compared to a regular extension ladder, the LGC flexes and bounces too much for my taste and it does not feel as stable as a regular aluminum extension ladder.  The LGC was downright unnerving to use at full extension when I used it to reach the second story roof gutters. I'll pull out my regular extension ladder if I need to access the second story again. However, the LGC and Werner are excellent to use as step ladders, with the added function of varying in height and allowing you to stand on both sides of the ladder.  If I had to choose between a normal step ladder and a LGC / Werner, I'd pick the LGC / Werner every time. The LGC / Werner design would be fine as a short extension ladder, but definitely not at full extension if you want a rigid ladder. Of course, I'll update this post once I try out the Werner as a full extension ladder. I'm only basing my opinion on the design of the Werner compared to the LGC (they appear identical in the hinge design), so I am just guessing the Werner will operate the same as the LGC in full extension - bouncy. Now, I am a big boy and just 25 lbs under the weight rating of either ladder, so if I were only a buck eighty-five either ladder might be perfectly stable at full extension.

When I bought my LGC, I paid $219.99 from Amazon. It was an insane pre-fourth of July 2013 deal; the current price is  $349.25. I liked the LGC so much that I've been waiting for another insane sale to buy another at $219 (it hasn't happened).  This Werner, at $123.19 out the door, fits the bill with room to spare and I'm very happy with the purchase. I'm so tempted by the hotness of this deal that I want to go out and buy another Werner! But what would I do with three ladders?

Is this deal good all week or just Monday?

I don't belive it's just Monday. I think it's a special buy that ends once the inventory is gone, but I'm not sure. There were a couple of pallets of them in the isles when I went tonight. However, I do know that a few more sold after I had left so stock is dwindling. I'd place the order online for local pickup as soon as you can if you plan to get one. My order had 1 week to be picked up before it would be cancelled. Try to order at the end of the week (if the deal is still live) and there may not be stock in your area. It sounds like some areas already have low stock.

In for one today. Thanks OP!

Ordered one for pickup. Will try to apply the 10% coupon when picking up. Thanks!

Got one. Newer Model with HDMI but only 720p...oh well..at 22 feet 1080p is not different than 720p

bigfathead said:   Got one. Newer Model with HDMI but only 720p...oh well..at 22 feet 1080p is not different than 720p
My ladder is also a 22 foot, but didn't come with a video port. 

This is a great deal on a great ladder. We have quite of few of these units in our business and have had no issues with them. They are solid and steady. Someone questioned bowing versus an extension ladder. It is my opinion that this unit is much more stable than an extension ladder. It has a wider stance and the base and top providing greater stability. I have never noticed any of my extension ladders bowing in, nor have I experienced this on the fold up units. What I have noticed is that my extension ladders have more "sway" from side to side versus the more rigid fold up units. All of our ladders are kept outdoors on trucks which are fully exposed to the elements. The website says they are not "weather resistant", however some of our ladders have been kept outdoors in the elements for years with no issues. One of the Gorilla brand ladders had the bracket around the knobs get oxidized causing them to be harder to open and close, however it was still perfectly functional.

Wider stance....no brainer...no bottom support and you fall fall fall fall

Thanks, great deal for just the kind of ladder I need.

$123.05 OTD in GA, charged via Paypal.

Lowes had the 17' version for $99 over the weekend.  For those that use this ladder, would you say that the extra 5' is worth buying this one and returning the 17' version?  Obviously in A frame mode, the height difference is 2.5'  I imagine I could reach a standard 9-10' ceiling with either version and could only reach a highly vaulted ceiling with the 26' version. 

The Werner MT-22 has a step ladder height of 5' to 9' and an extension height of 11' to 19' and weights appx. 47 lbs.

The Werner MT-17 has a step ladder height of 4' to 7' and an extension height of 9' to 15' and weights appx. 37.5 lbs.

I guess it's personal preference. If the 17' version you got from Lowes is a Type 1A (300 lb load limit; I believe that's what was offered for $99), then you need to decide if it's worth the return process. I personally would rather have the taller ladder for a few bucks more, but my use is primarily outside the home and the 22' works well for cleaning the gutters on a 1.5 story house. One benefit of the shorter ladder is it takes up less storage space but it just won't quite have the same reach.

One of the nice things about the ladder design is the ability to put one leg vertical (flush against a wall) and leave the other leg angled for climbing. My Little Giant Classic (same design as the Werner MT-22) worked fantastic in this mode for accessing an 8' tall 40 yard dumpster this summer and was incredibly stable. In this configuration, a longer leg would be better.

If you think you need the extra length, act now. It will most likely be another year before the ladder goes this low again. If you think the shorter ladder will fit your needs, keep it. It was still an excellent deal at $99.

I picked up a Little Giant 17' at Costco last month for $140. Great deal, great ladder! Had the Werner been available for this price then, I'd have probably gotten it. The nice thing about these ladders is how easy they are to store, along with the flexibility in how you use them. Really awesome utility!

No doubt. Being able to throw a 22' ladder in the back of a 5.5' pickup bed (at a diagonal) is great. One of the reasons I bought by LGC ladder was to be able to haul a long ladder up to the cabin without having to either strap the long extension ladder to the top of the truck or load it on a trailer with four feet hanging off the end. I bet the LGC / Werner design would even fit in a car trunk that has a pass-through (depending on the size of the car). It's very versatile.

Darn, I just dropped $206 on the comparable little giant yesterday! Oh well .....

In 4 1

bought one now to get it home. Anyone know if this can fit in the trunk of a Honda Civic with drop down rear seats?

I love my Little Giant 17. I always want something a little taller. For the price, i couldn't turn away. Thanks OP

MisterMe said:   bought one now to get it home. Anyone know if this can fit in the trunk of a Honda Civic with drop down rear seats?
  Fits in a Subaru legacy, it's less than 6' long 

in 4 one. Don't forget coupon HOLIDAYTEN for an extra $10 off. (ends today I believe)

I have the 13' one and this thing is one tough ladder. I could use the 22' ladder too so I guess I will be using the $10 coupon and getting the now reduced to 5% from Discover.

skh12 said:   
MisterMe said:   bought one now to get it home. Anyone know if this can fit in the trunk of a Honda Civic with drop down rear seats?
  Fits in a Subaru legacy, it's less than 6' long 

  I didn't bust out a tape measure or anything, but I'm 6' tall and it's shorter than I am when it's fully folded.  I'd guess it's between 5' and 5'6".  It would definitely fit in a hatchback with the seats down, but I don't think it would go in a Civic.  It might go, but it's gonna be a tight fit.

SecondGunman said:   
skh12 said:   
MisterMe said:   bought one now to get it home. Anyone know if this can fit in the trunk of a Honda Civic with drop down rear seats?
  Fits in a Subaru legacy, it's less than 6' long 

  I didn't bust out a tape measure or anything, but I'm 6' tall and it's shorter than I am when it's fully folded.  I'd guess it's between 5' and 5'6".  It would definitely fit in a hatchback with the seats down, but I don't think it would go in a Civic.  It might go, but it's gonna be a tight fit.

Pretty close guess. Closed, it's 5 foot 6.5 inches high, just under 27.5 inches wide at the base, 19 inches wide at the top, and 8 inches thick.

Gwizu2 said:   in 4 one. Don't forget coupon HOLIDAYTEN for an extra $10 off. (ends today I believe)
Yes, it does. Here are the details:
$10 discount on one entire online order of $100 or more made at HomeDepot.com only 12/02/13 -12/04/13. Offer does not apply to installation products or services,appliance parts, gift cards, custom blinds and shades, Progress Lighting, Honda, Ariens, John Deere, Cub Cadet,® Lit+A43tle+A43 Giant Ladder Systems,? Delonghi,® Hunter Prestige,® Weber and reconditioned tools and cannot be combined with any other offer. Cash value 1/20th of 1 cent. Enter promotion code at checkout to receive your discount. The discount will be reflected at checkout for the products qualifying for the promotion.

I went to Lowes tonight and picked one up with pricematch for $112. Great deal on the Ladder, and I needed one this weekend anyway.

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Still in stock, great deal.

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