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Werner 22 ft. Aluminum Telescoping Multi-position Ladder 300 lb. Load Capacity $125 Free Shipping HD

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12/3/13 11:24 AM
Got one. Newer Model with HDMI but only 720p...oh well..at 22 feet 1080p is not different than 720p
12/3/13 12:05 PM
bigfathead said:   

Got one. Newer Model with HDMI but only 720p...oh well..at 22 feet 1080p is not different than 720p

My ladder is also a 22 foot, but didn't come with a video port.
12/3/13 12:25 PM
This is a great deal on a great ladder. We have quite of few of these units in our business and have had no issues with them. They are solid and steady. Someone questioned bowing versus an extension ladder. It is my opinion that this unit is much more stable than an extension ladder. It has a wider stance and the base and top providing greater stability. I have never noticed any of my extension ladders bowing in, nor have I experienced this on the fold up units. What I have noticed is that my extension ladders have more "sway" from side to side versus the more rigid fold up units. All of our ladders are kept outdoors on trucks which are fully exposed to the elements. The website says they are not "weather resistant", however some of our ladders have been kept outdoors in the elements for years with no issues. One of the Gorilla brand ladders had the bracket around the knobs get oxidized causing them to be harder to open and close, however it was still perfectly functional.
12/3/13 1:39 PM
Wider stance....no brainer...no bottom support and you fall fall fall fall
12/3/13 1:49 PM
Thanks, great deal for just the kind of ladder I need.

$123.05 OTD in GA, charged via Paypal.
12/3/13 2:17 PM
Lowes had the 17' version for $99 over the weekend. For those that use this ladder, would you say that the extra 5' is worth buying this one and returning the 17' version? Obviously in A frame mode, the height difference is 2.5' I imagine I could reach a standard 9-10' ceiling with either version and could only reach a highly vaulted ceiling with the 26' version.
12/3/13 3:05 PM
The Werner MT-22 has a step ladder height of 5' to 9' and an extension height of 11' to 19' and weights appx. 47 lbs.

The Werner MT-17 has a step ladder height of 4' to 7' and an extension height of 9' to 15' and weights appx. 37.5 lbs.

I guess it's personal preference. If the 17' version you got from Lowes is a Type 1A (300 lb load limit; I believe that's what was offered for $99), then you need to decide if it's worth the return process. I personally would rather have the taller ladder for a few bucks more, but my use is primarily outside the home and the 22' works well for cleaning the gutters on a 1.5 story house. One benefit of the shorter ladder is it takes up less storage space but it just won't quite have the same reach.

One of the nice things about the ladder design is the ability to put one leg vertical (flush against a wall) and leave the other leg angled for climbing. My Little Giant Classic (same design as the Werner MT-22) worked fantastic in this mode for accessing an 8' tall 40 yard dumpster this summer and was incredibly stable. In this configuration, a longer leg would be better.

If you think you need the extra length, act now. It will most likely be another year before the ladder goes this low again. If you think the shorter ladder will fit your needs, keep it. It was still an excellent deal at $99.
12/3/13 5:10 PM
I picked up a Little Giant 17' at Costco last month for $140. Great deal, great ladder! Had the Werner been available for this price then, I'd have probably gotten it. The nice thing about these ladders is how easy they are to store, along with the flexibility in how you use them. Really awesome utility!
12/3/13 7:06 PM
No doubt. Being able to throw a 22' ladder in the back of a 5.5' pickup bed (at a diagonal) is great. One of the reasons I bought by LGC ladder was to be able to haul a long ladder up to the cabin without having to either strap the long extension ladder to the top of the truck or load it on a trailer with four feet hanging off the end. I bet the LGC / Werner design would even fit in a car trunk that has a pass-through (depending on the size of the car). It's very versatile.
12/3/13 8:52 PM
Darn, I just dropped $206 on the comparable little giant yesterday! Oh well .....
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